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Tasty Hemp Oil: Tasty Vape Pen Oil Flavors 50mg Pack of 9

5ml_9 Pack


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Don’t want a whole pack? Click here to see the Tasty Hemp Oil CBD Vape Oil product page.

Keep your vaporizer experience delicious and endlessly interesting with these incredible vape pen oil flavors by Tasty Hemp Oil! Tasty Hemp Oil’s CBD vape oil is among the tastiest vaporizer oil products you can find– and now you can get a taste of all available flavors with this fantastic pack of seven.

Enjoy CBD’s well-documented benefits while exploring seven exotic flavors: Seven Citrus, Apple Pie, Black & Blue, Just Peachy, Mandarin Paradise, Morning Dew, and Raspberry.

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Why Choose Tasty Hemp Oil’s Vape Pen Oil Flavors?

Crafted with the gourmand in mind, these vape oils will make your mouth water for more while also giving you all the CBD goodness your body needs! This product contains 50mg of the most delicious-tasting CBD in each 5-mL bottle and will last you for a long time, offering you seven exquisite flavors to delight you while keeping your spirits up!

Tasty Hemp Oil has made a name as a company most dedicated to offering fantastic CBD flavors without compromising CBD’s powerful health benefits. They are the suppliers of some of the most delicious CBD products on the market today.

These Tasty CBD Vape Pen Oil Flavors are the most delicious solution for people who want to cut smoking and replace their harmful habit with a healthier, tastier, and smarter alternative– CBD. They’re also a fantastic choice for busy people who wish to enjoy their CBD through the modern and convenient e-pen method that has taken the world of healthy supplements by storm.

These oils can be used with most 510 atomizers that are compatible with CBD products (like our Vaporizer Starter Kit) and will offer many delightful hours full of strong, delicious flavors while also giving your health a boost! Needless to say, all Tasty Hemp Oil Vape Pen Oil Flavors have no nicotine and are completely safe and legal across all 50 US states as well as in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Try this variety pack to enjoy all the fun flavors from Tasty Hemp Oil at a bargain price. Each pack contains these delicious Tasty Hemp Oil flavors:

  • Seven Citrus
  • Apple Pie
  • Black & Blue (Blackberry & Blueberry)
  • Island Joy
  • Just Peachy
  • Mandarin Paradise
  • Morning Dew
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry Dream

How to Use Tasty Hemp Oil’s Vape Pen Oil Flavors

Simply add Tasty Hemp Oil’s Vape Oil Pen Flavors to your favorite vaporizer and enjoy!  Refill your e-pen’s vaporizer canisters easily and then reseal each bottle with its smart cap for easy storage. These CBD oil flavors are compatible with most 510 batteries and atomizers.

Don’t have a vaporizer yet? Check out our CBD Vape Starter Kit, which comes with two Tasty Vape Pen Oil Flavors and is fully compatible with Tasty Hemp Oil’s Vape Pen Oil Flavors.

The Tastiest Flavors for Your Vape Pen

CBD has been proven to be a natural remedy for anxiety and inflammation, and recent studies indicate that CBD might have many more health benefits that a wait discovery. Tasty Hemp Oil’s CBD Vape Pen Oil flavors come packing 50mg of pure CBD in each bottle, which will help you enjoy CBD’s health benefits while savoring the best-tasting vape oils on the market.

What is CBD (Cannabidiol)?

The CBD oil in Tasty Hemp Oil’s CBD Vape Pen Oil Flavors is derived from the cannabis plant (from hemp varieties with only traces of THC) and present a fantastic all-natural herbal remedy for inflammation and anxiety with no adverse side effects. As they contain almost zero levels of THC, you can’t get “high” by using them. The oils are produced under strict quality standards and according to state and federal regulations, rendering them legal to buy and consume in all 50 US states and across the world.

Although almost completely unknown until very recently, CBD is now considered one of the most promising natural remedies for anxiety and inflammation. Moreover, new studies are bringing to light even more beneficial properties of CBD every few months, making some scientists view this safe and newly discovered natural substance with a great deal of optimism.

CBD’s anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and anti-inflammatory properties have been well documented in numerous recent studies, while new studies explore the potential benefits CBD has for a host of ailments ranging from epilepsy and psychosis to diabetes and cancer. The facts about CBD are as fascinating as CBD itself, so if you want to find out more about CBD’s effects on our bodies, as well as learn about the exciting CBD research currently underway, please visit our Cannabidiol Research page. This page is full of pure facts about CBD’s medicinal properties and the ongoing research about this exciting new natural supplement.

Scroll up and try some for yourself to experience the Tasty Hemp Oil difference!

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