How to Pick the Best CBD Oil for Stress Relief (and Health)

CBD for Stress Relief

The Best CBD Oil for Stress Relief & How to Use It

Do you wake up every day with a feeling of tension in your body that seems to get worse as the day goes on? Do you feel like you just can’t keep on top of everything you need to do, and you’re constantly “on edge” about it all?

If you answered “yes,” you’re not alone—everyone experiences stress and its associated symptoms from time to time, some of us more than others. The good news is that there are steps you can take to manage your symptoms naturally.

Did you know that there’s a safe, non-psychotropic, cannabis-based product that can work wonders to ease stress and improve moods? Read on to learn more about how to cope with stress and how to find the best CBD oil for stress relief.

What makes CBD oil effective for stress?

Before we go any further, let’s make sure you have a clear understanding of what CBD oil is (and what it isn’t). CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid like THC, both of which are naturally present in the cannabis plant.

Most marijuana products are high in THC, which is why we feel “high” after smoking or ingesting them. CBD has a different chemical makeup and affects our brains differently than THC. Sometimes we smoke cannabis with the understanding that we want to feel happy and relaxed, but we end up feeling unhealthy and paranoid if it’s too strong—that’s the THC.

CBD is a great alternative for those who want to feel relaxed without getting stoned. If you are interested in learning more about the health benefits of cannabis products and about the best CBD oil for your needs, please visit our Cannabidiol Research page.

CBD and the Brain

We all have special receptors called CB1 and CB2 that are part of the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. This system regulates functions that relate to appetite, mood, and memory. Most of the receptors in this system are located in the brain and nervous system.

Even though CBD comes from the same place as THC, it doesn’t affect the same receptors in our brains—at least not directly. Instead, it binds to other receptors that are related to pain and inflammation. One of these receptors, called 5-HT1A, stimulates serotonin production, which is why it can help reduce stress and improve our moods. (1)

Stress and pain are often connected. Cannabidiol can work in several ways to help reduce pain and stress simultaneously.

What You Should Know about Stress States

Living in a long-term state of stress can jeopardize your health. Some of the consequences of chronic stress include problems with the immune, digestive, and cardiovascular systems, as well as sleep disturbances. (2)

Prolonged stress can actually cause unusually high levels of cortisol to course through our bodies, accentuating inflammation and pain.Each of these can leave us more vulnerable to the effects of other diseases or disorders and can also exacerbate existing health problems. (3)

Everyone experiences stress from time to time, but some of us may not understand or recognize when it gets to the point where we need to seek help. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Some people cope with stress differently than others, and there are different types of stress.
  • Stress isn’t always bad! We can acknowledge some of it as good and use it as a motivator.
  • Being stressed out does not mean you aren’t grateful. You might love your family or your job and still feel stress associated with these things.
  • Some of the most common triggers of serious stress are major events like the loss of a job, a breakup, a death, or an illness. Even the toughest or most relaxed person can be worn down by these life events.
  • War, assault, and natural disasters can also trigger temporary symptoms of severe PTSD and anxiety.

8 Natural Stress-Busting Techniques

Chronic stress can take its toll on the body over time. If you feel a moderate to high level of stress or anxiety, you should definitely contact a health care practitioner to ensure that you don’t have severe health issues that require treatment.

Here are some easy steps you can take to reduce your day-to-day stress:

  • Daily meditation. Just five or ten minutes a day can work wonders.
  • CBD oil. Regular doses of CBD oil can help improve stress and mood issues naturally.
  • Understand the source of your stress. When you know why you are stressed, you can take proper action to combat it.
  • Talk therapy. A professional therapist is essential to problem-solving, especially when it comes to addiction and past trauma.
  • Breathing exercises. Simply allowing yourself a timeout and taking deep breaths can lower your heart rate and help your brain “reset” fairly quickly when you’re feeling stressed.
  • Socialize! Social isolation can be a major contributor to stress.
  • Eat a balanced diet. Believe it or not, the food we eat can have a huge effect on our brains.
  • Limiting alcohol. Alcohol anxiety is a real problem, and it can happen whether you drink regularly or on occasion.

How to Use CBD Oil to Combat Stress

There are so many different products, it can be difficult to know which one to start with. If you want to learn more about the benefits of CBD oil and how it works on your body, check out our handy cannabidiol guide.

Being subjected to stress on a daily basis can threaten our health in a myriad of ways. If you’re looking for a natural remedy for stress but don’t like the effects of THC-based products, CBD oil could be a good alternative.

Once you choose the best CBD oil for stress relief, make sure to keep the oil at room temperature. When you want to use it, all you need to do is take a spoonful. If you hold it in your mouth for a couple of minutes, you will feel the effects more quickly.

If you love to experiment with food, making CBD edibles is a great way to incorporate CBD oil into your daily diet to help with stress.

How Much CBD Oil Should You Use?

There are a host of CBD products that come in a range of formats. You can ingest CBD as an oil, use it in a vaporizer, spray it on your tongue, or purchase CBD-based foods. It’s best to choose one that fits your preferences and needs.

As far as doses go, there’s no need to worry about taking too much; however, it’s best to start at two to three milligrams per day and work your way up towards 100 to 200 milligrams. CBD oil takes a few minutes to a couple of hours to take effect; this depends on your metabolism and how you take it.

The Best CBD Oil Products for Stress

You can use CBD oil to bring a sense of peace and calm to relax you after a long day, and the best part is that it’s perfectly natural and non-addictive! In addition, all of our oils have been clinically tested for quality and safety.

If you’re looking for help easing chronic stress, you’ll want to take a peek at the different types of high-CBD hemp oil available in our store.

Gold, Green, or Blue Label Products: How to Choose

In choosing your CBD oil, it’s important to learn a little about the different labels first.

Gold Label CBD oil is really the purest and strongest type of oil in the world, and although the price will show it, it’s so concentrated that you’ll only need a little bit at a time, so a small amount will last a while. You can find this product in varying quantities from one to 60 grams. Because it’s so concentrated, it’s a bit thick, so it takes longer to be absorbed, and it also has the strongest flavor.

Gold Label oil also contains hemp seed oil, which means it can give you the bonus of a nutritional boost. You can easily combine it with other hemp products, and it’s all-natural and works with any type of diet.

Second in potency only to the Gold Label, the Blue Label oil is an affordable, high-CBD hemp oil paste that’s easily absorbed. This might be a good choice for beginners hoping to work up to Gold Label concentrations.

Green Label CBD oil is also pure and natural, but since it’s not as concentrated, it costs a little bit less and doesn’t taste as strong. This is a good choice if you’re just starting out and aren’t yet sure about your ideal dosage of CBD oil for stress relief.

We do recommend that you try CBD for stress relief for at least 14 days at a time and use it with other products as desired. This will allow you to understand the longer-term effects. There’s something out there for everyone, so don’t hesitate to try out different types and amounts.

Always be sure to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about these products. We’re here to help!