5 Factors to Consider Before You Order CBD Oil


Before you order CBD oil products, you must first arm yourself with the necessary information about them. This is what will ensure that you make the right decisions and optimize on the benefits they offer.

Considering and analyzing the following five factors is a critical part of that process.

1.   Order CBD Oil in Form That Works Best for You

Whether for curing a disease or enhancing your health, CBD oil products are available in various forms meant to meet customers’ specific needs. The standard forms available in the market now are syrups, capsules, chewing gum, vaporizers, creams and lotions.

Each of these has advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the liquid CBD oil is considered the most natural. This is because it has not undergone many industrial processes. However, this is not as convenient for people on the move as capsules are.

CBD capsules are easy to carry around with no worry for leakages. Furthermore, with capsules, the dosage is readyfor you.

2.   What is the CBD Concentration in the Oil?

Different CBD oil brands and products have different levels of the CBD cannabinoid. Therefore, establishing this fact before you order CBD oil products is a necessity – especially the concentration of CBD vs. THC.

Most of the reputable brands like CanChew and Dixie Botanicals present this information to consumers through product labels and their websites.

3.   What Are Other People Saying About a Product

Information from a source other than the brand itself tends to be more reliable. Reading reviews on neutral sites is one way to get this information. Another way that will give you a balanced view is talking to people who have tried the products.

For products that have been on the market for a long time, this is very easy to do. The challenge is in finding such information on new products. Nevertheless, looking for an unbiased view on a product is always helpful.

4.   Supplier’s Shipping Policy

Before you commit your money for a CBD product, it is also advisable to understand the shipping policy of the retailer.

First, find out whether the retailer or supplier ships to your state or country. Even though CBD oil is legal in many jurisdictions, some retailers may choose not to supply to some countries, states or towns because of other considerations.

Also find out whether the shipping cost is included in the price or if you need to pay it separately.

5.   Return and Refund Policy

Find out from a return and refund policy what will happen if the CBD oil product you ordered does not meet your expectations or is damaged. Will they give 100 percent refund or will you have to let go some of your money?  Furthermore, who will be responsible for the return-of-goods cost.

An informed consumer is always better placed to optimize the benefits of a product, including CBD oil products. Therefore, these five factors should form part of your research on the product you intend to order.

What other factors are important to you when you order CBD oil? We will be pleased to get your point of view on this subject.