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Finding new delicious flavors and natural oils is one of the greatest bonuses of vaping.

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Even though the vaping marketing was at first targeting mainly smokers who wanted to quit tobacco, enjoying a vape session has become so much more than just a clean way to get some nicotine. Actually, many now vape without ever having been smokers, since the delicious vapors and the relaxing experience give many just as much pleasure without any nicotine at all.

One of the newest vaping trends include CBD vaping oils. Since oils are thicker than your average vape juice, there is a need for vape pens that can actually vaporize oils without burning them.

One of the leading brands that specializes in making oil vape pens is G1.

Their amazing G1 Vaporizer for CBD oil and other e-liquids is the ideal solution if you want to taste the most flavor and enjoy a steady supply of delicious CBD vapor. We also offer a set of the same G1 Vaporizer Kit that comes with a bottle of CBD vape oil (50 mg) so that you can start vaping your favorite new flavor right away.

What is it about CBD that makes it so popular, you ask?

Even though the name CBD (which stands for cannabidiol) might be something new to us, the consumption of the substance is not.

Since ancient times, hemp has been cultivated in Eastern Asian countries for centuries for both its oil and its tough fibers. The industrial hemp plant has also been cultivated in the US.

It is only recently, though, that the West showed any interest in the nutritional value of hemp oil. CBD is the second most plentiful cannabinoid in medicinal marijuana. Our products are made from hemp oil, so the end product has a high content of CBD while being extremely low in THC. This makes all our Healthy Hemp Oil products legal in all states and in many countries worldwide.

You simply can’t get a high from natural CBD products like ours; instead, you can enjoy the wellness-promoting effects of cannabidiol.

One of the great things about CBD is that you can start or stop taking it whenever you want. There are no known adverse effects, so you can enjoy our products without worry.

Just keep in mind: Pregnant or lactating women should not be taking CBD. If you are seriously ill or taking medication, you should ask your physician before taking any supplement. Keep your CBD vape oil stored in a cool and dry place far away from the reach of kids or pets.

How can CBD vaping help me, you wonder?

Well, first of all, it is extremely important to note that the quality of the vaporizer is just as important as the quality of the vape liquid.

If your vaporizer is cheap or isn’t designed to vaporize oils, you will get an uneven amount of vapor, and the oil might burn. This makes for a less fun and enjoyable experience while also wasting your precious CBD vaping juice.

With G1, you know that you get a quality pen that is specifically designed to offer you a steady flow of vapor without heating the hemp oil too much. This way, you’ll enjoy the perfect CBD vaping experience and gain the highest possible value for your money.

CBD can make a great difference in your life, especially if you’re like most of us and get tired a lot during the day. An evening vaping session with CBD can offer you calmness and a sense of natural euphoria and wellness.

High-grade hemp oil is expensive to make, and this is why we have gathered the very best products for you to choose from so you don’t get scammed by cheap imitations and weak products. When you buy from Healthy Hemp Oil, you know that what you get is legal, safe and strong.

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