Meet Brandon Nolte – Founder/CEO Healthy Hemp Oil

Brandon Nolte is the founder and CEO of Healthy Hemp Oil. With a marketing-focussed degree in Business from UNC Charlotte, Brandon brings a great deal of education and entrepreneurial experience to the team, along with his innate passion for education and empowering healthy choices.

Brandon’s lifelong interest in health and wellness inevitably sent him down the path of exploring the health benefits of cannabis and CBD, and he hasn’t looked back since. After immersing himself in the cannabis industry and studying the benefits of CBD for over six years, Brandon literally wrote the book on the subject. The Ultimate Guide to CBD Health Oil takes his vast industry knowledge of CBD and turns it into an easily digestible compendium that answers common questions about CBD and provides practical tips for using it.

Since publishing his book and founding Healthy Hemp Oil, Brandon has given talks at conferences all over the globe on subjects as diverse as building personal skills in entrepreneurship, personal development, and adding value to the world through business. Some of his past speaking engagements include:

  • Dropship Lifestyle Conference in Mexico in 2017
  • Dynamite Circle’s DCBKK Conference in Bangkok in 2015
  • Starting from Zero Meetup in Berlin in 2014

Brandon has also appeared as a guest on numerous podcasts to discuss business, fitness, and healthy living in relation to CBD. These podcasts include:

  • The Business Method
  • Optimal Performance Podcast
  • The Bold Life Movement
  • Digital Marketing Radio
  • Live Fit Lean Podcast
  • The Foundation Podcast

More than anything, Brandon is committed to helping people live healthier and happier, a philosophy that Healthy Hemp Oil has adopted to its fullest. His dedication to sharing helpful information and knowledge is sewn through the very DNA of our company, and it’s thanks to him that we have become home to such a diverse range of products and a resource for those wanting to learn more about CBD.