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About CBD Topicals

Since ancient times, people have used salves and oils made from herb extract to treat wounds, rashes and blemishes.

Science has proven that many of those old remedies actually did help due to soothing substances contained in the herbs or even antibacterial or antifungal properties of the plants the salves were made from.

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CBD is one such substance that can help your skin look and stay healthy with the soothing effect of the hemp plant's oil.

CBD supplements come in many forms, most of which are ingestible, like CBD edibles, CBD gum andCBD vape oils.

Yet, when it comes to directly affecting your hair and skin, the best method of taking CBD is through CBD topicals.

CBD topicals include salves, shampoo and conditioners, among other products, which are all used externally and should never be ingested.

Salves, like Plus CBD Oil Hemp Salve Relief, are best used on rashes, inflamed skin and blemishes. The salve helps soothe any itching and supports your body's natural healing ability.

If you have itching and skin trouble specifically in the scalp area, then you should go for shampoos and conditioners. These products can be used individually but offer the best results with softer, healthier hair and skin when used together.

What makes CBD so special for your skin?

CBD is a natural cannabinoid found in the plants of the cannabis family. That includes industrial hemp plants and medicinal marijuana.

Recent studies increased interest in CBD, since it was shown that cannabinoids had many soothing, wellness-improving properties. While the main focus of most studies was THC, the psychotropic substance of medicinal marijuana, interest shifted to CBD for many, since cannabidiol is non-psychotropic (it can't cause a high) and is legal to buy in all states and many countries worldwide.

Our products are all made with the oil of the industrial hemp plant. The seeds and stalk of the hemp plant are rich in CBD and, when processed properly, release an oil that contains only tiny traces of THC. This means that you can enjoy all the health benefits of CBD legally no matter where you live in the US.

While we only recently showed interest in CBD supplements in the West, Eastern Asian countries have used hemp oil as medicine for many centuries. The hemp oil was used in salves and also as food to help people relax and improve their general wellness.

What can CBD topicals do for you?

If you have itchy, irritable or sensitive skin by nature, there aren't many medications you should actually take.

CBD salves are a natural, harmless way to soothe rashes and redness. CBD topicals can decrease itching and improve your quality of life.

If you get rashes after shaving, get all red without reason, and have constant dry and itchy skin patches, CBD topicals are an ideal, natural solution.

The great thing about CBD is that you can start and stop taking it whenever you like. There are no known serious side effects from using CBD externally (nor are there when you ingest it).

Just remember: Do not ingest CBD topicals. They should be used externally only. Keep them away from children and pets in a cool and dry place. If your skin symptoms have appeared suddenly or if they are very strong and painful, you should first get a diagnosis from your GP before using any supplements or salves. Don't use any salves on open, bleeding wounds.

CBD topicals are very safe products that will offer you a soothing, pleasant experience every time you use them. For extra relaxation and calm, remember to use an ingestible CBD supplement as well.

We also have a whole line of products for our furry friends, because they too deserve natural, healthy relaxation and improved wellness. CBD for pets products have all been designed by experienced veterinarians to offer the best possible results.

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