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CBD tinctures are perhaps the single most popular category of CBD products available today, and with good reason. Hemp oil tincture is incredibly easy to use, coming as either a spray or drop, and with dozens of fun flavors to choose from. You’re bound to find a hemp oil tincture that’ll tantalize your taste buds.

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What Are CBD Tinctures?

You only need to casually browse our website to discover just how many different kinds of CBD products are available today. With so much to choose from, it can be difficult to know what to pick.

We often recommend you buy CBD oil tincture as the ideal starting point for CBD newcomers, but they’re equally as popular with long-term users too. Here’s why:

A tincture of CBD oil contains liquid hemp-oil extracts designed to be taken orally. They are rich in cannabidiol, which promotes feelings of calm and relaxation. CBD tinctures are made by steeping a CBD-rich material such as hemp flower, hemp oil or CBD isolate in alcohol, leaving you with a powerful concentration of CBD. Some manufacturers will also add other ingredients such as terpenes, herbal extracts or carrier oils to improve taste or imbue extra nutrients into the tincture.

Against the backdrop of CBD capsules, edibles, and vape oils, CBD tinctures stand apart, as they are often more potent by comparison. A tincture of CBD oil is also incredibly easy to use, with a simple spray or a few drops under your tongue enough to feel the full effects of soothing high-grade CBD.

New to CBD? Something to consider...

If you’re new to CBD tinctures, it’s worth remembering that most can be quite potent, so when you buy CBD oil tincture, it’s best to start with the smallest possible serving size. We recommend starting as low as 2 to 3 mg. While CBD is completely safe to use and does not come with any psychoactive effects, you ideally you want your body to slowly adjust to CBD's effects. Thankfully, CBD tinctures make it easy to adjust your serving size based on your needs. Once you begin to feel the effects of CBD, you can easily increase your serving size until you get the results you want.

A pure hemp oil tincture usually comes in two forms: sprays (like our Herbal Renewals CBD Oil Spray) and drops (like the Tasty CBD Drops).

Their CBD content ranges from 100 milligrams, like in Elixinol's Pure CBD Tincture, up to 500 milligrams, like in the extra-potent Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil from Bluebird Botanicals.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Tinctures?

Aside from the fact that they’re strong and tasty, CBD tinctures have a few other notable benefits. For instance, tinctures are relatively fast-acting, and they don’t require any special preparation or tools. This makes them the ideal choice if you’re looking for a quick and simple way of enjoying your daily CBD supplement.

CBD tinctures allow you to tailor the amount of CBD you take. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned veteran, this makes it easy to have more control over the amount of CBD you're consuming.

Pure hemp oil tincture is also discreet and easily transportable, and this—coupled with the ease of use—makes it particularly popular among people with busy schedules and hectic lifestyles. You can take your CBD tincture with you when you’re on the go, ensuring that you have some on hand whenever you need it.

While some people include CBD tinctures in their foods, CBD tinctures offer the most optimal effects when taken sublingually, meaning they are applied underneath the tongue. Substances applied sublingually get absorbed directly into the bloodstream, allowing for faster effects while maintaining higher bioavailability.

Why Order CBD Tinctures Online?

There are plenty of reasons why you might buy one of these products, but why should you buy a CBD oil tincture online?

It’s simple, really: our carefully curated web shop offers a great selection of CBD sprays and tinctures, meaning you’re choosing from only the very best range and quality available. Our comprehensive product reviews provide authentic, unbiased feedback direct from customers just like you. And we’ve worked hard to make sure the entire process is as easy as possible. Browse and buy your favorite CBD oil tincture from anywhere, at any time, with Healthy Hemp Oil.   

Remember: If you are lactating, pregnant, or suffering from a serious illness, ask your physician before taking any supplements or changing your diet in any significant way. Also, remember to keep your CBD oil tincture in a dry and cool place, out of the reach of children and pets.

Why Choose Healthy Hemp Oil?

Our mission here at Healthy Hemp Oil is to become the most consumer-focused provider of CBD tinctures available online. As such, we’re committed to researching and sharing the latest objective information regarding CBD and its potential benefits, including recent scientific studies.

This attention to detail extends to our carefully curated selection of CBD tinctures. It’s incredibly important to us that you feel confident in your next CBD purchase, and if you’re ever unsure about anything related to CBD, our friendly and knowledgeable support team are only a click away. Browse our range of CBD oil tincture and sprays, or get in touch if you have any questions.