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How Much Weed? Colorado Marijuana Laws Explained Now

Colorado Marijuana Laws

Colorado legalized marijuana use in November 2012 and allowed marijuana sales to the public on January 1st, 2014; however, marijuana law in the state of Colorado still comes with conditions. Whether you’re using marijuana for recreational or medical reasons or intend to sell it, it’s important to follow Colorado marijuana laws to avoid costly legal penalties […]

Bill A4193: New Jersey Cannabis Law Explained


The legalization of cannabis in a number of U.S. states has led to a greater discussion about the potential benefits of the substance and the laws surrounding its consumption. New Jersey Cannabis laws are some of the many under review with the introduction of A4193, sponsored by Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll. Proponents of legalized marijuana in […]

Pies, Pumpkins and Pot at the Oregon State County Fair


The increased relaxation of marijuana regulations over the last few years has taken many forms, from medical legislation to, more recently, the DEA’s plans to make it more accessible to scientists for research. And this year, in Salem, Oregon, between August 26th and September 5th, this relaxed legislation will allow the first-ever public display of […]

How Rich Murphy Has Transformed Medical Marijuana in Florida

Rich Murphy

Earlier this August, Rich Murphy made history when he received one of Florida’s first therapeutic doses of cannabidiol spray. When Florida Governor Rick Scott signed Senate Bill 1030 (the “Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014”), Rich Murphy had no idea he’d be the first registered patient in Florida to receive legalized low-level tetrahydrocannabinol cannabis. Rich […]

Disappointment as DEA Keeps Marijuana as a Schedule 1 Drug

Marijuana Schedule 1

Marijuana has been around humankind since what feels like forever. Its seeds were found in burial chambers dating back to 3000 BC. Practitioners of Chinese medicine have been using it for thousands of years. George Washington even grew hemp at Mount Vernon. Cannabis was legal for most of America’s history and could be found in […]

Detroit Dispensaries: An Endangered Phenomenon

Detroit Dispensaries

In 2008, Michigan became the 13th State to legalize medical marijuana. The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act specifically allows caretakers to provide up to 12 plants for up to five patients, plus another 12 plants for themselves. This equates to a possible 72 in total. While the law didn’t explicitly address the opening and running of […]