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  • Lillea Wuamett

    I’ve used your CBD in the syringe and it’s amazing. I have a Baker’s cyst behind my left knee and walking was a real challenge. The pain is really under control and I can do the physical therapy I need to do to heal the condition. So glad I found you!!

  • judith

    I have cannabidiol (spelling?) in a syringe. I left it for a while and it seems to be quite a bit darker (probably more concentrated?) at the top end. Is there a reason for this. I now have it sitting with the end that you push on, which I call the top end, higher than the lighter end. I don’t remember what it was like when it arrived. Is this the way it is supposed to be?

  • Shirley Mason

    I have been using CBD for over a week now, and I’m thinking I need a higher dosage, I’ve never been able to use marijuana without adverse effects, but using the CBD oil has helped with my chronic pain, my depression, anxiety & my energy. It has a pleasurable effect, my guess is that is caused from less pain and depression, I’m not as much a recluse as I was, but I have to vape it many times a day, as it’s only 40mg & my brother who has the same reaction to THC as I do, uses something like 120mg per dose. I tried his and then bought mine in the same day, I didn’t know the difference in the two until I saw what was on his bottle compared to mine. I caught myself rubbing a usually painful tender spot that wasn’t hurting as usual while at his home, it was out of yrs of habit.

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