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CBD supplements come in a variety of types and sizes — each with its own benefits. Browse this page to view every consumable form of CBD (from edibles to vape oils). All products offer the same great calming and relaxing effect of CBD.

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CBD supplements have become all the rage in recent years, due to the relaxing, wellness-increasing properties.

The great thing is that CBD products are a varied and fun group that includes CBD edibles, CBD tinctures and CBD vape oils, among many others.

This means that you can actually choose from a great variety of products that all contain cannabidiol (CBD) but offer quite different experiences.

For instance, you might be looking for something simple and quick without a specific flavor or the need to buy and use tools. If so, then products like CBD capsules are the perfect choice for you!

If, on the other hand, you love sweets and want your supplement to taste amazing, then CBD edibles, CBD gum and CBD lozenges are the way to go. From high-quality CBD chocolates to flavorful CBD chews and minty CBD lozenges, there are many tasty choices.

Finally, many of our customers love to use CBD vape oils for a relaxing, delicious vaping session. This does require that you own or buy a decent vape pen, but it is actually a very popular way to consume CBD supplements. With this method, you can choose from among dozens of fantastically tasty CBD vape oils or choose a simple CBD vape additive, which can be added to your favorite vaping liquid.

What's so great about CBD in the first place, you ask?

Well, you're right to wonder.

CBD only recently became as popular and talked about as it is now. Cannabidiol is one of the many cannabinoids contained in all the plants of the cannabis family. This includes medicinal marijuana and industrial hemp.

Studies started in the 70s aimed to prove how harmful the use of marijuana is. Researchers were surprised when they found out that, on the contrary, marijuana actually helped both healthy and ill individuals feel more relaxed and have a better quality of life.

The studies went deeper into why this happened, and it was revealed that THC (the psychotropic substance in medicinal marijuana), together with other cannabinoids, created an entourage effect that offered a potent soothing and medicinal effect on the user.

CBD was one of the main cannabinoids that showed promise as a relaxing, wellness-inducing substance. Even better, CBD did not cause psychotropic effects, which made it legal in all states and many countries worldwide.

Our products are made with hemp oil, because the oil of the industrial hemp plant's seeds and stalk contains a lot of CBD while only having tiny traces of THC. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of CBD without a high.

What can CBD do for me, you wonder?

Just imagine this:

You come back home from a tiring, long day. Maybe you had a tough day at work, a lot of things to do for your family or tons of little chores to tackle. The fact is that you are tired but also overwhelmed. It is really hard for most people in modern society to wind down after we have to think about so many things at once all day. This can lead to poor rest, bad sleep and chronic stress. You wake up tired, and you produce less than you want each day, which causes added stress that doesn't allow you to sleep.

This is a horrible cycle of stress and lack of productivity that is hard to break.

CBD can help you with just that! With the natural relaxing effect and the feeling of wellness they give you, CBD supplements can help you wind down, relax and sleep better at the end of your day.

This leads to you feeling better and catching up on daily rest and relaxation. CBD can also  improve meditation and help you get keep a sense of calm.

CBD has no known serious side effects, and you can immediately stop taking it whenever you want.

Remember: If you are pregnant or lactating, don't take CBD. If you suffer from a serious illness or are taking medication, you should ask your GP before taking ANY supplements or changing your diet. Keep your CBD supplements in a cool, dry place, away from the reach of children and pets.

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