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7 Ways to Save Big When Buying CBD Products

7 Ways to Save Big When Buying CBD Products

With rent, bills, groceries, and all the other finances in your life, you need to save where you can, even when it comes to CBD products. While you should absolutely spend a little more when it means getting quality ingredients, you can still learn to buy smart and save money along the way. Here are […]

5 Proven Ways To Deal With Depression Among Teens


Being a teenager isn’t a walk in the park. We tend to think that teens have it easy and that, at their age, there’s not much to worry about. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Teens face an enormous amount of pressure, and the number of depressed teens is much higher than you […]

How to Overcome Male Postpartum Depression


Are you a new dad? Do you experience the symptoms of depression like feeling helpless, hopeless, sad, and scared? You are not alone, because about 10% of new fathers around the world face male postpartum depression between the first trimester of the pregnancy and six months following the child’s birth1. This number increases to 26% […]

What Causes Your Autumn Depression?


Just as the leaves change, so do our emotions – but what if yours are taking a turn for the worse? If you find yourself feeling particularly down during the fall months, you may be dealing with autumn depression. While seasonal depression is a common occurrence, it is a mental condition, nonetheless, and should be […]

6 Causes of Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder

Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder

If you’re feeling the summertime blues, you’re not alone. We’re all familiar with the winter blues; it’s easy to get down when the days turn shorter and temperatures start to drop. Known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), feeling depression in the winter months is a common occurrence. Did you know, however, that some people experience […]

More Than the Baby Blues: Signs and Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

Signs and Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

If you’ve just had a baby but don’t feel like you’re glowing in the post-birth bliss you may have expected, you could be experiencing postpartum depression. While some 80 percent of new moms get post-baby blues, 10-15 percent experience serious depression, anxiety, and even OCD. Some trepidation is totally normal, but postpartum depression and anxiety […]