Top 5 Halloween Party CBD Recipes

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How to Make CBD Part of Your Halloween Party Experience

Were you picked to host this year’s Halloween bash at your home? Or do you have a last-minute get-together this Halloween, pot-luck style? If you’re panicking over what to bring to this upcoming shindig, fear not! We’re here to help you with some fantastic CBD Halloween recipes. Not only will your guests and fellow party-goers be impressed, but you’ll also be invited over and over again for bringing these tasty and delightful items.

DIY party-themed foods are always a hit and very popular during the festive seasons. If you’re a true Halloween lover, you will appreciate the new take on these much-loved baked and other homemade goodies. And party hosts who love creative entertaining will get a kick out of these entertaining ideas. With these CBD Halloween party foods recipes, you’d be surprised how easily you can use a new take on regular recipes to incorporate CBD.

The CBD Blackbeard

Hosting your very own Halloween bash with this unique CBD cocktail recipe is going to turn you into the talk of the town. All you’ll need is spiced rum, Fernet Branca, crème de cacao, squid ink, and chocolate stout to complete your drink. To spice up the cocktail, add 30-40 drops of our Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract in Mint Chocolate to the shaker and voila! You’ve got yourself a very spooky CBD cocktail recipe for your Halloween party. You can find the full recipe at

Spiced CBD Chocolate Truffles

Want to make some extra special items that will have your guests asking for more? We’ve got you covered with this homemade CBD truffle recipe. Follow the ingredients and directions in the full recipe from but sub out the milk chocolate baking bars for one of our yummy CBD chocolate bars. As easy as that, you’ve got yourself a fun and easy CBD truffle recipe that you and your guests will enjoy.

Chocolate Candy Corn CBD Cupcakes

Cupcakes are always a party staple! They’re quick and easy, and act as fun party décor, especially when it’s a Halloween-themed CBD cupcake recipe. To turn them into amazing CBD cupcakes, add 30 drops of our Tasty CBD drops in vanilla flavor to the delicious fudge-marble cake batter. Add a few cute chocolate candy corns to make it eye-catching enough for your guests to see them and devour them! You can find the full CBD cupcake recipe at

CBD So-Easy-It’s-Spooky Bat Cake

Put this bat cake at the centerpiece of your dessert table and make heads turn! Easy to make and super delicious, this CBD cake recipe from can be whipped up in no time. To turn it into the ultimate CBD cake recipe, add 30 drops of our Tasty CBD drops in vanilla flavor to the chocolate frosting for a delectable dessert that won’t last long on the food table!

CBD Caramel Apples

For something completely out of this world for your extraordinary Halloween party, try this enjoyable CBD caramel apple recipe from You can add 30 drops of our Tasty CBD drops in vanilla or berry to the caramel before dipping your apples in the mixture. It’s a charming and tasty surprise for your Halloween party.

There you have it, folks! Your dessert table is complete and hauntingly ready for your upcoming Halloween bash. Be sure to check out the substitutes we recommended, as well as our other CBD products to add variation to your tasty recipes! And if you have any delicious and fun CBD recipes up your sleeve, be sure to let us know.

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