6 Ways to Actively Support Cannabis Awareness

6 Ways to Actively Support Cannabis Awareness

At Healthy Hemp Oil, we are passionate advocates of cannabis awareness and encourage everyone to participate in learning about cannabis, not just in its use but also raising awareness about cannabis, its potential effects, and how it can fit into our larger lives and local communities. There are many ways you can get active in your support and advocacy of cannabis. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Experiment with a CBD recipe

The current CBD landscape offers numerous forms of administering and using CBD. Cooking with CBD is one of the most fun, allowing you to combine your culinary skills with the potential health effects of cannabidiol. While there are plenty of recipes out there, incorporating CBD into your food doesn’t have to be difficult.

  • Add a few drops of CBD oil to sauces or dressings
  • Top your popcorn with CBD oil
  • Combine your favorite smoothie ingredients with some CBD oil to get your morning started

2. Learn about the history of cannabis use and legislation

Even beyond the plant, it’s important to understand the history of cannabis leading up to today. While the cannabis plant has humble beginnings, its place in the modern world intersects with race, class, and social and cultural issues that are still prominent today. Learning about the history of cannabis can help you better understand prohibition, and the current movement to legalize cannabis across the nation (and the world).

There are some gradual steps being made. Currently, 34 states and the District of Columbia have publicly available programs for medical marijuana. Twelve other states allow for the use of “low THC, high CBD” products. Only four states (Idaho, Nebraska, Kansas, and South Dakota) do not have any public access to marijuana of any kind.

The Farm Bill of 2018 recently passed, which legalized hemp and hemp-derived products. The passage of this Bill spells big steps in the right direction for CBD products and businesses.

3. Learn about 420

For most anyone who enjoys cannabis, April 20th is the special time of year to enjoy marijuana to its fullest, but not many people know of its roots, which go back to 1971 at San Rafael High School. A group of five students, nicknamed The Waldos, heard rumors of a cannabis patch grown and abandoned by a U.S. Coast Guardsman somewhere in the forests of Point Reyes Peninsula.

Armed with a map, the Waldos met every day at 4:20pm at their school’s Louis Pasteur statue. They would plan, scour the map, and smoke copious amounts of weed before venturing into the forest. They never found the secret patch of cannabis, but “4:20” stuck as the Waldos’ code for getting high.

Today, 420 has grown to encompass so much more, including:

  • Huge 420 festivals and shopping events in legal states
  • Community gatherings and park meets in non-legal places where people gather to build community and protest prohibition
  • Campaigns to raise awareness for legal reform and those still incarcerated for cannabis-related crimes

4. Support cannabis advocacy groups

There are numerous state and local cannabis advocacy groups fighting all things related to cannabis use, from the decriminalization of cannabis to easier access to medical marijuana. Some stand out groups include:

  • NORML – The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws was founded in 1970 and has since provided a voice to those who oppose marijuana prohibition and support decriminalization. The nonprofit works by supporting voter initiatives and elected officials that advocate for marijuana law reform.
  • ASAAmericans for Safe Access are dedicated to ensuring safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research, which includes passing legislation that recognizes cannabis as a legal medicine, encouraging medical professionals to recommend options of medical cannabis as frontline treatment options, providing necessary information to patients and caregivers, and more. Founded in 2002, the organization has grown to encompass over 100,000 active members comprising scientists, medical professionals, patients, and everyday concerned citizens from all 50 states.
  • NCIA – The National Cannabis Industry Association comprises tens of thousands of cannabis professionals and businesses committed to advancing federal cannabis reform, defending existing state laws, and protecting the rights of businesses and customers alike.

These are just three cannabis advocacy groups to get started. Do your research and find a local chapter that you can support and get involved with. Supporting organizations usually involves monetary donations, but your time and attention are just as important. Consider attending an event hosted by these organizations or volunteering your time where you can.

5. Contact lawmakers

The 2018 Farm Bill (more officially known as the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018) federally legalized the production of hemp. This is a big step for cannabis, particularly in the realm of CBD, but there’s still a long way to go.

Contact lawmakers and legislators at all levels to push for meaningful reform and change. This includes your state representatives, senators, and governor. These are your public officials, which means they should represent your interests, but they won’t know unless you tell them directly.

There are numerous ways to reach your officials. You can write a letter, postcard, or email. ResistBot makes it easy to contact your officials via text, but phone calls are the most direct and effective means of contacting them. Some general tips for calling your legislators:

  • Give your name and address.
  • Prepare with a script or outline for all the points that you want to talk about.
  • Be brief, concise, and to the point, but also be personal. Let them know why you personally want to push for cannabis reform.
  • Don’t argue or get discouraged.
  • Ask for action or a commitment to vote.

Only contact representatives in your district or jurisdiction. It’s no use to call a rep for a different state. More likely, you’re just making the line busy for other concerned citizens.

If you live in a state where your reps already support cannabis decriminalization, consider contacting your officials to thank them and tell them to keep up their views. These lawmakers can get a lot of negativity from voters, and a “thank you” can go a long way.

6. Share CBD with your loved ones.

If you have a friend or loved ones who also like CBD or have been curious to try, now is the perfect time to get them in on the action. There is a wide range of CBD products on the market, especially for those new to the cannabinoid. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at our gift guide or take our quiz to find the perfect CBD oil product for your friend.

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