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How The Marijuana Border Policy Can Deny Canadian Users Entry Into U.S.


If you’re a Canadian and you admit to having used marijuana, you may be banned from entering the United States. Yes, those United States, where medical marijuana is legal in many places. The case of a Canadian man who was denied entry into the U.S. because he admitted to having smoked cannabis recreationally has set […]

CBD UK Laws – Are Cannabidiol Products Legal in the UK?


The United Kingdom’s demand for, and interest in, cannabidiol (CBD) products appears to be on the rise. British consumers can now purchase any number and type of CBD products from a wide range of websites and brick-and-mortar stores. These products include CBD oils, tinctures, topical ointments, and vaporizers. But are they all above board and […]

Challenges to Cannabidiol UK Access


For those looking for cannabidiol, UK access is limited, even when you have a deserving condition. The process of getting a prescription and making a purchase at your local drugstore has many hurdles. There are strict laws For starters, UK laws consider cannabis a schedule one drug – an illegal plant that has no value. In […]

Is Marijuana Legal in Australia?


Australia is a dynamic and progressive country in many aspects. However, it is still one whose laws are very rigid regarding marijuana possession and use. Though the plant is widely grown and used for recreational purposes, the penalties for dealing in it for whatever reason are massive. This puts families and individuals with medical conditions […]