Challenges to Cannabidiol UK Access


For those looking for cannabidiol, UK access is limited, even when you have a deserving condition. The process of getting a prescription and making a purchase at your local drugstore has many hurdles.

There are strict laws

For starters, UK laws consider cannabis a schedule one drug – an illegal plant that has no value. In fact, its possession, sale and use attract prison terms of between 5 and 14 years.

Only a few brands, such as Sativex®,are allowed for treating special cases of such diseases as multiple sclerosis and cancer.

However, even with this option, doctors are often not ready to prescribe it. The reason for this is that the law leaves all the risk at the doctor’s hand. If anything goes wrong following a prescription, the doctor has little legal support.

Only non-citizens visiting the UK are allowed to enter with CBD

For anyone visiting the UK, the good news is that you can enter with CBD oil as long as you do not share it with anyone and do not plan to stay for longer than 30 days.

British citizens, however, cannot visit other countries, get the CBD, and return home with it.

Nevertheless, with the proper cannabidiol UK paperwork, any British citizen taking cannabidiol in the UK can travel out of the country with it.

Lack of the right information is a barrier

Even with the small window for patients, access to information has stood in the way. This is made worse with gray areas in the law.

The majority of deserving patients do not know the options that are there for them or the channels to follow in order to get a prescription for CBD within accepted and legal means.

Some people turn to risky cannabidiol UK supply sources

Like in most countries, there are those who take advantage of this situation and supply products through illegal channels. Unfortunately, this exposes patients to products that have not gone through proper testing procedures.

Such products lack in effectiveness and pose a danger to the health of those who consume them. They are also often cover for scams.

Therefore, before you start a process of getting CBD in the UK, ensure that you have all the right information in regard to the current cannabidiol legal status and options that are there for you.

Are you a resident of the UK who at one time has sought to acquire CBD products? Share with us the challenges that you faced in that regard.

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