CBD vs THC: 5 Key Differences to Know

CBD vs THC - Healthy Hemp Oil.com - Featured Image

We are often asked about the differences between CBD vs THC. It turns out there is still a lot of confusion around this topic. Not to mention that online information about cannabidiol is often unreliable.

For these exact reasons we created the below infographic, meant to shed light on some of the most commonly questions asked on the CBD vs THC topic.



CBD vs THC - Healthy Hemp Oil.com

We hope that you enjoyed reading about these 5 key differences between CBD and THC.

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  • healthyfuture1

    This is a very valuable infographic, and I am in favor of hemp-based CBD use. I only have one correction to make: the statement that CBD is not psychoactive is false. It does not cause a high, but it is indeed psychoactive because of its interaction with serotonin receptors. This is a very valuable effect as it can boost mood, and it doesn’t need to be hidden or glossed over. It seems that the statement of CBD being non-psychoactive is an old holdover either from the need to strongly differentiate it from THC (which is a political benefit), from the time that scientists hadn’t yet discovered the serotonin effect, or a combination of both. There are articles on the web making the same point. Thanks!