The Ultimate Guide to High CBD Strains and How They Can Help You Part 2 of 2

[This article is part 2 of 2 from our guide on high CBD strains. Check out the first part by clicking here…]

Part 2: Why Cannabis Experts Love CBD &  How it Can Help You 

When it comes to high CBD strains, it is best to rely on information that comes straight from the professionals.

This is why we went and asked the top cannabis experts of the world,
“What’s your take on high CBD strains, and why would you recommend them?”

The responses from our experts are truly amazing, explaining in detail the demand for high CBD strains and why so many customers prefer them over typical medical marijuana strains.

From the overwhelming response of 44 cannabis experts, we have gathered a little treasury of useful tips and information for you.

RESPONSES – listed in the order they were received.

High CBD strains provide pain relief, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties used to treat a plethora of aliments. They can provide the same if not better cannabis experience for a patient without the ‘high’ of THC. A lot of our patients benefit from what cannabis can do for their symptoms, and many choose a high-CBD or ONLY-CBD regimen for daytime or all day medicating.

We also will steer new cannabis patients this route to start and gradually add THC as needed for additional pain relief. All in all, while most patients High CBD Strains - Good To Growend up needing both CBD and THC, high CBD strains can lead to a more comfortable medicating experience while relieving a patient of their symptoms naturally and without the buzz.”

Christina McDowell, Good To Grow

“If one does some research, we quickly realize that high CBD doses actually do what the plant is supposed to do as a whole, with the psychoactive experience being a plus. CBD is great for patients looking for a healthy long-term treatment to extreme diagnoses as well as patients looking for relief in small areas like eczema or psoriasis.

High CBD Strains - A.H.P.S.For example, Charlotte’s Web helps children all over the world lead a better, healthier, more natural form of life without having to be ‘medicated’, per say. If you could extract all the poison in Tylenol that kills your liver and makes it unsafe to take day to day, wouldn’t you? If you knew it cured the horror of a toddler’s normal day, wouldn’t you?”


“High CBD strains offer patients a less psychoactive form of cannabis. It can be used to help a wider array of ailments including anti-anxiety, anticonvulsant, antipsychotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-tumoral/anti-cancer, anxiolytic/antidepressant. CBD may also help to balance or negate the negative effects associated with THC like paranoia and nausea.

High CBD strains like Cannatonic #4, currently testing around 15% CBD and 0.5% THC, allow patients to utilize the cannabis without an intense psychoactive effect. Many patients also find a more desirable effect from mixing high
High CBD Strains - A2 Wellness CollectiveCBD and high THC cannabis together. The list of possible medical benefits of CBD is rather extensive, but the effects vary among patients and intake methods.”

Ann Arbor Wellness Collective

“High CBD strains are great at delivering relief in many forms. Many patients prefer high CBD with low THC strains for relief. They will be less psychoactive and more calming and relaxing without drowsy side effects.

CBD has much more to offer than we know scientifically, and high CBD strains have become highly sought after at Karing Kind. We currently use the ‘Jamaican Lamb’s Breath’ made popular by Bob Marley as our base genetic when High CBD Strains - Karing Kinddeveloping more balanced CBD/THC ratios in new strains. Keep a close eye on Karing Kind for new genetics with more complex CBD qualities!”

Karing Kind

“In very few words, those strains are great for truly ill patients with severe pains. They don’t get too high, and High CBD Strains - Green Crossstill their pain and suffering are going down significantly.”

Green Cross

“Our high CBD strains are perfect to alleviate pain without too much psychoactivity, which is what a lot of our elderly patients want. It is for those same reasons I recommend them.”

Margie Clarke, Wickenburg Alternative Medicine

“We recommend high CBD strains to people who need the CBDs for their medical conditions or for those who are either THC-intolerant or simply do not like the effects of THC. But we feel like there needs to be an appropriate counterbalance of THC with the CBD for the entourage effect to reach its full potential.

High CBD Strains - Alpha Alternative SolutionsThat’s why we prefer to stock a strain like Cannatonic #4 (almost a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio) rather than ACDC, which is a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio, simply because recreational users expect to feel some type of psychoactive effects, even if a strain like ACDC can’t deliver that.”

Alpha Alternative Solutions

“We love our high CBD strains and have seen it work absolute wonders for our patients and customers. The CBD cannabinoid is one of the strongest anti-inflammatories on the market (I personally replaced my Prednisone [steroid] regimen exclusively with CBD products) and has effectively no negative side-effects. It’s non-psychoactive, so people who would like to reap the benefits of marijuana-as-a-medicine without the associated high can use CBD products to meet their needs.

Also, since CBD is non-psychoactive, it doesn’t fall under the Federal Drug Scheduling, so there are some companies who will ship CBD-exclusive products across the country. Something to keep in mind: CBD and THC seem to have a synergistic effect, where both effects are amplified when the other cannabinoid is present, so taking them both together (often, you’ll see products in a 1:1 ratio) is ideal. All of this information is pretty subjective
High CBD Strains - Headquarters Cannabis Company(as the Federal regulations around marijuana research is very limiting)
, and I’m not a doctor, but the research we do see (usually coming from Europe) is very supportive of CBD as a medicine, especially in regard to inflammation.”

Scott Merrill, Headquarters Cannabis Company

“We love CBD strains. Here at Chronic Therapy, we currently carry HarleSin and are in the process of maturing our first Charlotte’s Web plant! They are an excellent choice for the patient who prefers smokables and has issues with pain or inflammation. They are not very psychoactive due to the low
THC content, so a patient can get relief without unwanted side effects. In many cases, I have the patient mix a high CBD strain with another strain (such as an indica for sleep) to help find the perfect blend to relieve his/her specific symptoms.”High CBD Strains - Chronic Therapy

Maura Frank, Chronic Therapy

“We at Kaliherb pride ourselves as a medically focused delivery service collective; hence, we carry a number of high CBD High CBD Strains - KaliHerbstrains and products. We do believe that CBD can treat a number of aliments. We would recommend CBD strains because we have seen it change the lives of many. Use to treat caesuras, anxiety, pain, PTSD, kills cancer cells.


High CBD strains add a whole new look at the whole plant medicine of cannabis. Cannabis medicine has an entourage effect on the patient, meaning it takes all the active ingredients to be completely effective as a medicine; however, having higher CBD content can be incredibly helpful for pain and sleeplessness as well as seizure disorders. Also, not all patients using cannabis medicine want the psychoactive effects the THC brings, and the higher CBD plants offers them an alternative to use the medicine without those effects.

We carry, when we can obtain them, several high CBD strains such as Hurkle, Cannatonic, and Charlotte’s Web, which have high CBD and low THC counts. The patient and rec users alike have commented on how effective it is when dealing with pain, stating it helps with the pain but is functional as far as not being ‘high’ and helps them through their day.

Working while in pain can sometimes be very difficult, opiates can render you useless, and being high can also make it difficult to complete certain tasks, but with the high-CBD, low THC-strains, their pain is manageable, and they are able to return to work and be productive. Certainly in some cases, high THC is called for as we find with cancer patients THC has a better effect on the illness than high CBD, though we must remember cannabis medicine, being a whole-plant medicine, needs all active ingredients to be fully effective.

Seemingly, though, all the active ingredients do not have to come from the same plant. For instance, we have a product that is entirely CBD, the THC being so minute it does not register when tested. It can still be effective to some degree, however. If you use this product and are not seeing the effect you were hoping to find, you can ingest in some manner cannabis that has higher THC along with it and achieve the effect you are looking for.

High CBD Strains - Flowr of LyfePersonally, I find cannabis medicine most effective for myself when it has a lower THC count around 13-15% THC and a cannabinoid count of 1-2%.
These counts are, for me, just perfect, and I find myself comfortable both physically and mentally. I am not a huge fan of super-high counts of THC as I become anxious and very unsocial.“

Lisa, Flowr of Lyfe

“I actually pride myself on the fact of carrying a very large assortment of CBD products. CBD strains are hard to find, have a lower yield, and when growers get them, they perfect their growth and keep them close. Pricing is usually a little higher than regular strains due to this. There are many factors in a marijuana plant besides just the THC or CBD for them to have the wanted effects these plants carry.

Unfortunately, I am not expert enough to give information that detailed. I am, however, a user of CBD products along with my immediate family. While we are on the recreational side of the market until next July, the medical shops are shutting down, and getting the product available now for the comfort of people is the main goal! High CBD strains carry a much lower THC amount, which, in turn, makes a customer more comfortable and less high.

To give you an idea of the type of high, it is something like a mild pain pill buzz or alcohol light buzz that allows someone to still get on with a day, more comfortable than without it. In many cases, it keeps people from taking pills that are addicting, which is never good. The industry is so scientific now
High CBD Strains - NiMBiN Pot Shopthat having the products of edibles, creams, vapes, and buds gives someone another option to make them comfortable in a natural way rather than in a chemical way, making it safer than pharmaceuticals, non-addicting and work!“

Kim, NiMBiN Pot Shop

High CBD Strains - WeediesCBD strains are possibly the most effective chemical in marijuana for fighting cancer and helping reduce seizures for particular diseases and syndromes. As time goes by and clinical trials are performed, CBD’s will prove to help
many people with many types
of ailments.”

John Adams, Weedies

High CBD Strains - Oregon Euphorics“We have sold a lot of CBD strains with very little THC. It seems that we see a lot of return customers for this.

Oregon Euphorics

“CBD has a ton of medicinal value. What we see people using it the most for is combatting pain and inflammation. The full-body anti-inflammatory
quality of a high CBD flower is pretty amazing, helping everything from muscle issues to brain trauma.
 A nice bonus to CBD High CBD Strains - Bridge City Collectiveis that it tends to combat the anxiousness people get from THC sometimes. Smoking a high CBD flower with a decent amount of THC is a great way for casual consumers to enjoy cannabis.”

David Alport, Bridge City Collective

CBD may be the superstar “multi-vitamin” we should all be taking as we age. Evidence is mounting that CBDs may keep plaque from developing in the brain, thus reducing the chance of developing dementia; help stimulate bone growth, keeping osteoporosis at bay; keep cancer cells from metastasizing;
help with loss of sleep; reduce anxiety; and so much more. Therefore, we have a lot of baby-boomers at Breeze High CBD Strains - Breeze BotanicalsBotanicals that enjoy the health benefits of CBD – usually combined with a little THC to help reduce pain and  inflammation as a positive side-effect!“

Brie Malarkey, Breeze Botanicals

High CBD Strains - Grass Shack PDX“We have heard from many of our patients and customers the CBD is helpful with a wide variety of health and mental issues.

Marie, Grass Shack PDX

It is fantastic for someone who has not tried marijuana before. It makes for a high that is more grounded and mellow than some of the high-THC High CBD Strains - Dockside Cannabisstrains that can have a much stronger effect. Three main areas that we have heard they benefit from are reductions in pain, inflammation, and anxiety. A CBD-dominant strain does not have strong psychoactive effects and makes for a very functional high.”

Aaron Varney, Dockside Cannabis

“I am very for high CBD strains but very against charging more for them. I don’t care that CBD strains usually put out small yields; I care that the
patients can get access to these highly sought after strains for cheaper than their more common high-THC counterparts. I sell my 3 CBD strains High CBD Strains - K9 Chronic LLCflower in store cheaper than my other 30 THC strains. I then educate every customer medical or recreational on the
value of THC, CBD, and CBN. I would recommend CBD strains because they really work.

Chris Curtiss, K9 Chronic LLC

“I personally use CBD when I need to get my stress levels down but need to remain clear headed. I also use it during long runs and heavy gym days to help with inflammation and soreness the next day. During my medicinal days I’ve seen CBD sublinguals do wonders for people with everything from Asperger’s Syndrome to Crohn’s disease.

Cannabidiol has a low combustion rate, so I tell people to vaporize or go the edible route. If you are smoking CBD plant material, the majority of the
CBD is burning up before you inhale.
 I love CBD tinctures and high-CBD vape cartridges; both are effective, discreet, and on the more health-conscious High CBD Strains - Green Lady Marijuanaside (as long as your cartridge is PG free). Finally, CBD is wonderful, but it takes the whole plant to heal, and some THC is required for proper synergy.“

Lindsay Middleton, Green Lady Marijuana

I recommend CBD to everyone [as] it’s a great pain reliever and inflammation reducer! The only thing I recommend High CBD Strains - JD's Collective Gardenfor pain relief without the high.”

JD’s Collective Garden

“Put simply, we recommend high CBD strains to patrons seeking the effects of CBD over the effects of THC for a variety of reasons. Some but not all of these effects would be seizure control, reducing the psychotropic effects of THC for daily functionality, anxiety, inflammation, and as an analgesic. In
High CBD Strains - IgadI Ltdaddition, however, we always recommend our patrons with diagnosed conditions to be followed by medical professionals as the majority of cannabis’ effects are yet to be fully defined and, in most, cases appear to be palliative rather than curative.”

Daniel Englert, IgadI Ltd

There is absolutely a market for high CBD strains. Most customers we see would still like to have some THC, though. As we see more and more medical High CBD Strains - Cinderpatients transition to the recreational side, I notice people asking for CBD and not even mentioning the THC percentages. It seems like, for us, having more than one or two strains on the menu with a high-CBD content only creates more competition between the two, and neither move as quickly.”

Becca Johnson, Cinder

High CBD Strains - The Green Room“Here at the Green Room, we take a medical approach to the industry and believe that CBD strains are extremely beneficial to anyone looking for holistic and non-intrusive remedies. They offer a lot of relief for pain, anxiety, neurological disorders, etc. We not only highly recommend high CBD strains but also a ton of CBD and CBN extracts (capsules, patches, etc.).”

The Green Room

“CBD has so many benefits it’s hard to list them all. Here are few from our experience with patients at the Healthy Element. CBD has a wide range of medical benefits. First and most importantly, CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning CBD does not cause a high, unlike THC. In our experience, CBD has a lot of medical benefits, reduces nausea and vomiting, suppresses seizures, also helps combat tumors, cancer cells, anxiety, depression even High CBD Strains - Healthy Elementinflammatory disorders. Although CBD is great on its own, we have found that, combined with [the] right amount of THC, it can greatly improve medicine depending on who and what is being treated.

Blaine Sizemore, Healthy Element

“CBD-rich strains are the Ying to the Yang of high-THC strains. I would recommend high CBD strains to anyone looking for relief that prefer to avoid the potent psychoactive effects that a THC-rich strain carries with it. The world of cannabis is evolving as more people see the true medicinal benefits of
what CBD-rich strains have to offer. As a caregiver, I always recommend either vaping, oil, or edibles as this is the High CBD Strains - FiveLeaf Organicsonly way to take full advantage of what the cannabis plant has to offer.“

Nate, FiveLeaf Organics

“High CBD strains have been proven to help kill pain, mainly neurological pain. CBD is proven to be useful for anti-spasmodic, anti-epileptic, anti-anxiety, and anti inflammatory properties. Pure CBD cannot be felt like THC. It hits different pathways in the brain, making it have antipsychotic properties. It does not create that head high effect.

Recreational smokers would not enjoy CBD; therefore, it makes it a more prominent to be used for strictly medicinal use. CBD seems to be more beneficial, though, when mixed with a low dose of THC.CBD strains have been known to reduce seizures. I recommend high CBD strains, like purple
High CBD Strains - CYS Centerdream, purple urkle, and blueberry, to patients who suffer from restless leg syndrome or just need something to help wind down at the end of a day. My purple dream and purple urkle are also good to help someone that suffers from insomnia.”

Kristen Swift, CYS Center

“High CBD strains are one of the great discoveries in the medical marijuana world. The discovery of CBD CBG and CBH will help bring relief to many patients with various different ailments and medical issues. Who would I recommend high CBD to? That opens lot of people depending on the way of medicating. From the proven effectiveness of CBD oil to help fight cancer to the relief of pain that comes from smoking the flower without the intense euphoric effect you get from high-THC medicine, CBD will soon replace Tylenol as the everything drug with so much more of a positive effect. More High CBD Strains - The People’s Cure Networkthan Tylenol could ever [have] dreamed of. Just the daily consumption of small amounts of CBD and the benefits to one’s endo cannabinoid system is amazing and an entire different conversation.”

Jay Jay, The People’s Cure Network

High CBD Strains - Zion Cannabis“We always carry a few high CBD strains at our dispensary. CBD is perhaps the most overlooked natural pain relief remedy
in the world.
 CBD also changes the effect of THC. Many of our customers tell us that mixing high CBD strains with a high-THC strain gives them a more mellow high with reduced anxiety.”

Zion Cannabis

High CBD Strains - Swinging BridgesCBD strains reduce any paranoia, wild and crazy psychoactive experiences or other pain when smoked, leaving the user with a very pleasurable pain-free mind and body.”

Jason Z, Swinging Bridges

“We cannot, by law, recommend any products for medicinal reasons or purposes until July 1, 2016. That said, many people smoke or consume high-CBD products because they do not wish to ‘get high.’ We understand that these individuals are self-medicating or purchasing a product for a loved one High CBD Strains - The Herberyto try. We do carry several high CBD strains of flower and edibles, and dozens of people come to us with their testimonials as to how CBD products have benefitted their lives and quality of life. We are excited for July 1, 2016, and will be prepared to speak directly to all aspects and benefits of this incredible plant.”

Jim Mullen, The Herbery

“Over here at Green Solutions, we love our CBD-dominant strains. I personally, in my budtending experience, think that CBDs are most effective when taken orally with an edible or high-CBD FEO. That way, it hits more receptors, and you get the full range of cannabinoids versus smoking alone. I find that, when it comes to treating illnesses, CBD by itself isn’t as effective with at least a low-THC percentage as well. I feel like you need both in order to High CBD Strains - Green Solutionsget full relief. For example, CBD helps shrink tumors while THC-A keeps blood vessels in said tumor from forming. This plant is medicine, and it heals! It’s trial and error, and finding out that what helps you might not help someone else. You have to keep trying!”

Shannan, Green Solutions

“While THC will always have its place and uses, I think CBDs are and will bring the next big wave of cannabis innovations, research, and medical benefits for both medial patients and recreational users alike. At Growing ReLeaf, we have always stocked as much good CBD products as we could find and like to educate patients on their non-psychoactive properties and benefits. We have seen a great increase in the High CBD Strains - Growing ReLeafinterest in and use and purchasing of CBDs in the last few months and only think it will increase.“

Nyah Kiley, Growing ReLeaf

“As a WA State recreational marijuana retailer and as the law is currently written, we are prohibited from giving medical advice in any form. That being said, cannabidiol (or CBD) is known to have many effects, properties and abilities, many of them medicinal. To a recreational user, I would say that high-CBD strains are a great option for someone looking to relax and unwind with a more body-based effect. Many of these strains can give these beneficial effects without having any sort of accompanying ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ effect, depending on the strain’s THC content. Generally, I point the user in High CBD Strains - Greenway Marijuanathe direction of a few good websites, such as ProjectCBD or American for Safe Access, that have a plethora of information and current research on CBD and its effects.”

Jake Rosner, Greenway Marijuana

“High CBD strains are a wonderful option for those whose bodies don’t agree with THC. CBD has excellent therapeutic properties and is recognized to help with over 200 ailments (documentary: The Union). THC has been shown to be more effective. I have a theory that, because THC is psychoactive, it is accelerated through our system much faster (~5x faster~).

So, if a patient is to use cannabis and wants to eliminate cancer, the recommended dosage is 1 mg THC per kilo of body weight or 5 mg CBD per kilo of
High CBD Strains - GreenThumbbodyweight. CBD is wonderful; we are still learning about the cannabis plant and its over 72 different cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN etc.). We do know that a natural occurring balance of this is best, and our studies have shown it’s best to use either minimally processed raw plant or a whole plant extract.

Logan, Greenthumb

At the moment we only have one high CBD strain which is a cross between Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami (Cannasue). We have had a variety of other CBD strains in the past and once patients try them, they really like them. Even people that have been smoking for a long time will come back time and again for the high CBD. It’s not something they’ve had a chance to try on the street and it’s very effective for pain relief. We also have many patients that don’t want the high because they are new to marijuana and the high CBD strains have been effective in oils or vapes for these people without so much of a high.

Neurological pain seems to respond well to CBD. At the moment we only have one high CBD strain which is a cross between Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami (Cannasue). We have had a variety of other CBD strains in the past and once patients try them, they really like them. Even people that have been smoking for a long time will come back time and again for the high CBD. It’s not something they’ve had a chance to try on the street and it’s very effective for pain relief. We also have many patients that don’t want the high because they are High CBD Strains - Thames Valley Alternative Reliefnew to marijuana and the high CBD strains have been effective in oils or vapes for these people without so much of a high. Neurological pain seems to respond well to CBD. “

Laurie Zrenda, Thames Valley Alternative Relief

“As the medical market begins to merge with recreational cannabis, we are seeing an increased demand for strains high in CBD with relatively low THC contents (typically a 2:1 ratio). This heightened demand is not only a reflection of an influx in medical patients seeking relief from ailments but also increased education about the properties of CBD products among recreational users.

This comes at a time when new research on THC’s lesser-known cannabinoid counterparts is emerging at an exponential rate. As time progresses, we expect to see an increased consumer awareness of not only CBD and its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties but also other cannabinoids like CBG, which has been implicated in the treatment of insomnia, for example. We also expect to develop a deeper understanding of how cannabinoids
affect the body both synergistically among themselves and the other compounds found in cannabis, such as the
High CBD Strains - The Herbal Centernatural terpenes that give strains their distinctive flavor.”

Liz Burton-Crow, The Herbal Center

“CBD, cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. It naturally modifies the effects of THC. CBD is great for: Autoimmune disorders, anti-depressant, anti-cancer, relief from nausea, bone stimulant, improves circulation, mitigates spasms, pain relief, anxiety, and more…

It really comes down to personal preference on high CBD strains. We would naturally recommend a higher-CBD and lower-THC strain for someone that
didn’t want to necessarily experience the ‘high’ yet still needed pain relief, for High CBD Strains - Natures Medicine Salidaexample. CBD tinctures are great for parents that are seeking help for their children and don’t want to give them THC or have them smoke something. The world has many success stories when it comes to CBD tinctures, children, and seizures.”

Natures Medicine Salida

High CBD Strains - CannaCo“CDB strains are cool, but they only appeal to a very specific market. We brought in 3 high CBD strains, and the product wilted away on the shelf. We now only carry one strain in small quantities. The customers that use it like it.
The best selling CBD products are edibles and transdermals.

Josh Bleem, CannaCo

“High CBDs have great medical benefits as long as there is a ratio of THC. High CBD strains work awesome on the immune system and large muscle spasms as well as nerve-ending pain whereas THC is more of a central nervous system and smooth muscle medication. Certain types of rare seizures have also been known to be controlled with high CBDs.

High CBD Strains - The Herbal ConnectionHowever, high CBD strains should have whole leaf cannabis CBDs rather than hemp CBDs. Although hemp is high in CBD oil, it is low concentration
whereas whole leaf cannabis has a much higher concentrate of CBD (PPM). Hemp-infused CBDs work best when combined with whole leaf cannabis CBD/THC.”

Paul Lugo, The Herbal Connection

“We believe there should be MORE CBD strains! Everywhere! We not only recommend CBD strains for the healing properties but also for neurological purposes because for many, this is the only form of relief they’ve found without serious side effects. Not to mention, there are a lot of us out there who believe in the complementing attributes of the THC & CBD combination.

With high CBD strains, you get a good dose of both. Just what the body needs! For those who are looking to just get high, CBD strains probably aren’t for you. In fact, over the years, as the demand for higher THC strains has exploded, CBD strains have fallen to the back burner – which has jacked up the price of CBD strains and oils for those who really need them, and that’s not right. If YOU need great CBD strains at a wonderful price, come check us out at Mari Meds.”

Mari Meds

“High CBD strains have tremendous medical benefits. They can help combat the negative effects of cancer treatments [and] provide relief from chronic pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, arthritis, rheumatism, seizures, epilepsy, migraines, anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia and many more conditions. Depending on the amount of THC, patients can get all the great medical benefits without any psychoactive high.

Plus, those ingesting CBD in a tincture or editable will get additional health benefits such as protecting and improving the heart, liver, kidneys, blood pressure, High CBD Strains - The Good Leaf Organic Collectivememory and much more. CBDs are an amazing medical tool, and I’m excited to see what new benefits will be discovered. I’ve personally seen how using high-CBD tinctures and creams can substantially improve someone’s quality of life, especially in those over 50 years of age.”

The Good Leaf Organic Collective

“One of the great parts about high CBD strains is that they are so helpful in relieving pain [and] inflammation and aiding sleep without the psychoactive High CBD Strains - Nectareffects normally associated with higher-THC strains of cannabis. And, for people who like a mix of THC and CBD, there are strains that have an even 1-to-1 ratio of the two, or we recommend combining two strains together in a bowl to achieve desired effects.”

Dan Watson, Nectar

“I truly believe in high CBD strains. CBDs go after the pain, especially the neurological type pain like from muscle spasms, and neuropathy from chemo or fibromyalgia. CBDs also help relieve symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Cancer, Epilepsy, Seizures, Anxiety, [and] Migraines [and] also reduce inflammation, which is the root to many medical ailments. The difference is the CBD doesn’t give you a high like the more popular THC effects; it specifically targets the pain and stimulates the receptors in the brain and actsHigh CBD Strains - Marandas
as a neurological protector.”



With that last amazing tip, we have reached the end of our comprehensive guide on high CBD strains.

We hope that, with the help of the information and tips provided by the world’s leading cannabis experts, you and many more future CBD customers can make a better informed choice about the ideal strain and product for your needs.

Remember, CBD causes no high, doesn’t need to be smoked and can make your THC therapy less aggressive. Our experts agreed that CBD is the ideal choice for children, who should not smoke or be subjected to hallucinogenic effects unless absolutely needed. Also, if you have respiratory problems or/and dislike the idea of getting high from your therapy, then high CBD strains can be your ideal alternative to smoking marijuana.

Our goal with this article was to offer you the solid, expert info you deserve.

Did you find what you were looking for? What’s your CBD experience? Tell us about your opinion of high CBD strains and share your story below.

We look forward to reading your responses!

[This article is part 2 of 2 from our guide on high CBD strains. Read part 1 where we share the results of our experts’ vote and delve into 45 high CBD strains… ]