The Story of Brave Felix Montgomery

Want to know more about the amazing story of brave Felix Montgomery? You’ve come to the right place.

Story of Little Felix

The Story of Brave Felix Montgomery

Felix and his twin brother Oscar had a very rough start at life. Born prematurely at 31 weeks on June 8th, both babies were tiny and underdeveloped. Oscar was barely 3 pounds, while Felix weighed only 1.15 pounds and was diagnosed with Poland syndrome.

On the day they were born, the twins were adopted by Melanie and Travis, a loving couple that would not let the health issues of their new babies get in the way of giving them a home and a lot of unconditional love.

Sadly, both babies had to fight for their life for 2.5 whole months after birth, staying in the NICU until they were both strong enough to enter the outside world. Yet, their troubles didn’t stop there…

Oscar will need surgery to both his feet in the future to correct a malformation and Felix started to have alarming symptoms.

In January, brave Felix, barely 5 months old, began suffering from uncontrollable seizures. Doctors diagnosed him with infantile spasms, a rare form of epilepsy that affects infants between the age of 3 and 12 months old.

The prognosis was grim.

Doctors didn’t believe that Felix would make it, giving him 3 years of life tops.

If that wasn’t enough, Felix was now in a near vegetative state, heavily sedated by anti-seizure medication and tired out by the horrible seizures that shook his little body, often until he passed out from exhaustion. His esophagus and diaphragm were collapsing, causing him even more stress. Unable to develop and live his life like a typical infant, Felix became increasingly tired, sad and hurt.

Yet, Melanie and Travis didn’t give up hope! The story of brave Felix Montgomery went on.

They tried many safe methods to help their baby live a better, hopefully pain-free life. That’s when they found anecdotal evidence about CBD (cannabidiol) helping some children with epilepsy get better and they tried it on Felix.

CBD is a natural compound found in all the plants of the cannabis family, including medicinal marijuana and industrial hemp. When derived from hemp, the oil is very rich in CBD and only contains tiny traces of THC, which makes it legal in all states. Research has yet to prove that CBD definitely helps against epilepsy seizures, but there are many stories online that speak of the amazing results the substance had for some children.

At first, Felix was prescribed with Topamax, but it was not working. His parents then found a website that featured excellent reviews from many people who have had their life changed for the better by the effects of all-natural CBD oil.

At Healthy Hemp Oil (the website in question), they decided on a product by Herbal Renewals that is called Gold CBD Oil. It took Felix’s parents a week to wean him off Topamax to the Gold CBD Oil, and then, the seizures stopped and soon he was able to properly smile for the first time in his life. His doctors and therapists were thrilled and baffled.

Hearing their amazing story, Healthy Hemp Oil offered the family an indefinite discount for their CBD oil.

Want to help the family of Felix and Oscar? A long, difficult journey still lies before them, as they try their hardest to give the twins a life that’s as full, happy and healthy as possible.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help them pay for the immense medical bills and the other needs of their feisty twins.

All customers who contribute to their cause will get a 10% OFF coupon code for their next purchase with HHO.  Just share the receipt you received after donating through the GoFundMe page with our Customer Services team.

We wish for only the best for this strong and courageous family!