Is CBD Legal in Austria?

CBD legal in Austria

A Brief Guide to Buying CBD Oil in Austria

Austria’s relationship status with CBD? It’s complicated.

Prior to 2018, CBD was perfectly legal to buy and sell, so long as the THC levels were below 0.3%. However, this position was revised by the government, meaning it’s now illegal to use CBD in edible products and cosmetics, although it can still be purchased as an “aromatherapy product”.

Is CBD Oil legal in Austria?

  • LEGAL – Low-THC CBD oil is legal to purchase as an aromatherapy product in Austria.
  • LEGAL – Cannabis for medical use is legal in Austria, but difficult to obtain.
  • NOT LEGAL – Food supplements and cosmetic products containing CBD are not legal in Austria.
  • NOT LEGAL – Recreational cannabis use has been decriminalized but remains illegal.

The recent prohibition of CBD in Austria means CBD food and cosmetic products are no longer available, and selling these products is against the law. No new legislation was passed to enforce this ban—rather, it’s a new interpretation of the rules already in place.

This does mean that CBD products sold as essential oils remain unaffected by the ban and perfectly legal to buy and sell in Austria (provided the amount of THC does not exceed 0.3%).

Austria’s Possession Laws

The possession of small amounts of cannabis for personal use was decriminalized in Austria in 2016. It is currently legal to grow a small number of cannabis plants at home, and it is no longer a criminal offense to smoke cannabis in public.

However, buying, selling, possessing or gifting cannabis remains illegal in Austria. The maximum sentence for possession of amounts deemed to exceed ‘personal use’ is one-year imprisonment.

Is CBD hemp oil legal in Austria?

Hemp can be legally grown in Austria, so long as it does not exceed that 0.3% THC threshold. The hemp varieties produced in Austria are typically used for textiles and building materials.

Under the current CBD prohibition, CBD hemp oil should be considered illegal when found in a food supplement or cosmetic product, but legal to purchase as an essential oil.

Where can I buy CBD Oil in Austria?

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In summary

The bottom line: The current Austrian government has taken a dim view of all things cannabis, and this has extended to the sale of CBD products.

However, this has yet to result in a blanket ban of CBD in general, with many products still available and legal to purchase both online and off.

Before you buy, we highly recommend conducting your own research into the effects and benefits of CBD, reading our product reviews, and checking out our in-depth guide to CBD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy CBD oil in Austria?

You can legally buy CBD oil in Austria if it can be considered an aromatherapy product or essential oil. Order from a reputable website and have a wide range of hemp-derived CBD products that match this description shipped directly to Austria.

Are CBD capsules legal in Austria?

Hemp-derived CBD capsules are not legal to buy in Austria. You may purchase CBD capsules online and have them shipped to Austria, however you do so at your own risk, as prohibited CBD products may be seized at customs.

Are CBD cartridges legal in Austria?

CBD cartridges are not legal to buy in Austria. CBD cartridges can be purchased online and delivered to Austria, however, you do so at your own risk. Prohibited CBD products could be seized at customs.

Are CBD edibles legal in Austria?

CBD edibles made with hemp oil are not legal to buy and use in Austria. You can have CBD edibles shipped to Austria, however, this is risky, as customs may seize prohibited CBD products.

Are CBD gummies legal in Austria?

CBD gummies are not legal in Austria. Gummies can be bought online and shipped to Austria, but you do so at your own risk. Banned CBD products may be seized at customs.

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