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Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana (Legal Cannabis) Learn How

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana

In April 2016, Pennsylvania became the 24th state to legalize medical cannabis. Governor Tom Wolf said that the primary goal was to “provide long overdue medical relief to patients and families who could benefit from this treatment.” (2) The program is expected to take 18-24 months to implement, and the Department of Health is still […]

Sativex (Overpriced Big Pharma) Go With The Little Guy

What Is Sativex

So… what is Sativex? Sativex is the very pharma-sounding marijuana-based patented pharmaceutical that has been approved in over 24 countries and counting. Available as a peppermint-flavored mouth spray, it is the first pharmaceutical drug of its kind. It is currently being prescribed as a method of coping for patients with MS (multiple sclerosis) in countries […]

Disappointment as DEA Keeps Marijuana as a Schedule 1 Drug

Marijuana Schedule 1

Marijuana has been around humankind since forever. Its seeds were found in burial chambers dating back to 3000 BC. Practitioners of Chinese medicine have been using it for thousands of years. George Washington even grew hemp at Mount Vernon. Cannabis was legal for most of America’s history and could be found in extracts, tinctures and […]

Detroit Dispensaries: An Endangered Phenomenon

Detroit Dispensaries

In 2008, Michigan became the 13th State to legalize medical marijuana. The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act specifically allows caretakers to provide up to 12 plants for up to five patients, plus another 12 plants for themselves. This equates to a possible 72 in total. While the law didn’t explicitly address the opening and running of […]

Proposition 64 – The End of Reefer Madness Mentality?

Proposition 64

Will California become the 5th state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana? One poll shows that 64% of voters support the proposed new legislation, which flies in the face of the Federal Government’s outdated stance on cannabis as a Schedule 1 substance.   California’s Legalization History California was the first state to legalize medical […]

The Buzz on Cannabis Infused Honey

Cannabis Infused Honey

There’s honey, and then there’s cannabis infused honey. The first is sweet and packed with health-boosting properties. The second is the same—only better. This article will delve deeper into the benefits of honey and share, not one, but two simple ways you can combine honey and cannabis for a delicious homemade treat. Love the Bees […]

Progress? The 4 Pro-Pot Presidential Candidates

Donald Trump Marijuana

For Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump marijuana legalization is something they can actually agree upon. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson make up this gang of 4, unanimous in their agreement. A whopping 89% of Americans think medical marijuana should be legalized for adult use. And the advocates of medical marijuana are hopeful that […]

Killing Pain & Saving Lives: States That Have Medical Marijuana Laws

States That Have Medical Marijuana

Something interesting appears to be happening in the US. States that have medical marijuana laws have noticed drops in painkiller prescriptions and opioid-related deaths. According to a recent report published in Health Affairs, doctors working in states where marijuana is legal prescribed an average of around 1,800 fewer doses of painkillers per year between 2010 […]

The NAIHC: Fighting for Progress One State at a Time


The NAIHC — North American Industrial Hemp Council — has been fighting for the rights of the industrial hemp industry for decades. But why do these rights matter? As you possibly know from perusing our website a bit, both CBD and hemp products are legal imports, but it has remained mostly illegal for industrial hemp […]

Is Cannabis Oil Legal?

Is Cannabis Oil Legal

The Difference between Cannabis Oil, CBD Oil and Marijuana Oil   Cannabis oil, CBD oil, and marijuana oil are all somewhat synonymous but with key differences. We have a helpful infographic for you to get a better understanding of hemp oil vs. cannabis oil. Meanwhile, what’s important is to make the distinction between “marijuana” and […]