Should You Be Buying CBD Hash Oil?


Like the common misperception of hemp vs. marijuana, there has always been confusion between marijuana and hashish. While some people believe hash and marijuana come from different sources, many others don’t know there is any difference between the two.

The first thing to know is that marijuana and hash products – including CBD hash oil – all come from the same source: the cannabis plant.

The primary differences lie in what part of the plant they are derived from and the extraction procedures used.

It takes a careful process to get hash from cannabis

While marijuana is usually produced by drying cannabis leaves and flowers, hash is obtained from small shining glands containing resin, which grow on the buds and leaves of the female cannabis plant. These glands are referred to as trichomes.

The trichomes have been described as a natural form of defense for the cannabis plant against predators. Ironically, this part of the plant is a major point of attraction for humans.

It is not easy to separate the translucent resin glands completely from the leaves and buds. Nevertheless, through careful hand picking and sieving, a near perfect product is achievable.

Hash, just like marijuana, is consumed in different ways. It can be smoked or eaten as a food additive.

Resin in trichomes is believed to contain high levels of cannabinoids

Hash is popular because the resin inside the trichomes has high concentrations of cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

While this makes it a good source of the CBD, it is the THC that has brought interest from many people around the world.

Some of the hash products on the market have been found to contain as much as 60% of the psychoactive cannabinoid. This is an extremely high concentration, and for those whose objective is to get high, this the perfect product.

There are efforts now to bring CBD hash oil to the market

For many years breeders were trying to get hash with even higher levels of THC levels to meet the market demands of a stronger substance. However, with the growing interest in cannabidiol (CBD) in recent years, some producers have had to reverse the trend. As a result, CBD hash oil is now becoming more common.

However, the amount of CBD in hash should be considered in the context of such factors as the breed of the plant and the processing procedure used.

Due to the fact that hash products are controversial around the world, before you make any purchase, ensure you are aware of what the law in your state says about it.

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