Concerned About Hemp Oil Drug Test Failure?


If you are worried about your job due to hemp oil use, you are not alone in this situation. Thousands of people work for employers who occasionally subject their staff to either surprise or regular drug tests. If you are a sportsman or woman, you will also go through a mandatory drug test.

Of course, the majority of sports authorities have strict requirements on substance abuse. Marijuana is one of the substances tested for in most drug tests.

Suppliers and THC levels

The law requires not more than 0.3% THC concentration from hemp oil producers. THC is the compound that drug tests are usually after in marijuana and hemp products. It is not common to fail a drug test after consuming such low levels of this compound, however, we cannot guarantee positive or negative results with a blood test.

Industry quality check program

In fact, there is a specific program that addresses this particular issue. The program is known as TestPledge. It is undertaken by Hemp Industries Association (HIA), a trade group for industry players in the US and Canada.

HIA started this program as part of its mission to maintain the integrity of hemp products that its members put into the market. Any member joining TestPledge has to ensure that each of their products has THC levels that cannot be detected by drug tests.

The majority of reputable producers and suppliers of hemp oil products in the US and Canada take part in this program. This helps ensure that consumers are not exposed to psychoactivity or a high risk of failing tests, though the results of all tests are not guaranteed.

Who supplies you determines your hemp oil drug test results

Nevertheless, if you consume hemp oil that was not properly cleaned during manufacturing, there is a risk of traces of THC being found in your system. This is especially possible if your suppliers do not play by the law and industry regulations.

Always buy from suppliers who adhere to a quality check mechanism. That said, there are reported tests that may be unable to detect the difference between CBD and THC. If you’re concerned, you may wish to speak to someone in HR to see if they have any regulations with regard to the use of CBD products.

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