How Cannabidiol Effects Your Body


cannabidiol-effectsCannabidiol effects mostly fall into two categories: the immediate and the long term. Either of these can be good or bad.

Either way, the good almost always outweighs the bad – especially when there are little or no traces of THC. In fact, the line between negative and positive usually depends on the amount of CBD vs. THC.

THC is the compound – or cannabinoid – that is responsible for the ‘high’ feeling. It is the root of the plant’s notoriety around the world.

CBD, on the other hand, has been linked to cannabis’s healing abilities. Unlike THC, it has no psychoactive effect. It even combats THC’s adverse effects like paranoia, memory loss, and sedation. These are symptoms that are also common with abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

Some research, however, has shown that CBD, THC, and other elements in the cannabis plant work better together. This is termed’ the entourage effect‘ and means that a CBD product that is 100% free of THC is less effective than one that has some traces of THC.

It is a struggle to balance the psychoactive effect of THC, its role in the wider medical system, and the legal demands. These varied aspects have made THC a very challenging part of cannabis to deal with.

Possible immediate cannabidiol effects

Some of the immediate effects after taking CBD medication include:

  • Feeling ‘high,’ especially if the product contains some THC traces. Some people are more sensitive to this effect than others.
  • Reduced anxiety, depression, pain, nausea, and vomiting. In most cases, these will come back as soon as the CBD is out of your system.
  • Dealing with inflammations from such conditions as rheumatoid arthritis and MS.
  • Sleepiness. This is a welcome effect for those who suffer from insomnia.

Possible long-term effects

There are some effects of CBD that are not realizable in the short term. In some cases, to get a useful effect, a user will have to use the CBD for the rest of his or her life. This is especially true when the disease is terminal.

The following are some of the long-term cannabidiol effects on a human body:

  • Fighting abnormal cancer cell or tumor growth in the body.
  • Boosting the body’s immune system
  • Blocking and managing the development of diabetes.
  • Fighting the effects of disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
  • Combating symptoms of epilepsy.

Whether looking for immediate or long-term cannabidiol effects, millions of people have overcome difficult challenges and gotten their lives back. CBD has proven to be effective as both a curative and a preventative medicine.

What other way has CBD worked for you and had an effect on your body?