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Why CBD Skin Care is the Breakout Beauty Trend of 2019

CBD skin care trend

It’s rich in protective phytonutrients, it’s jam-packed with antioxidants and it delivers powerful antibacterial properties. Prominent lifestyle bloggers are raving about it, and A-list celebs can’t get enough. It’s little wonder CBD skin care has emerged as the breakout beauty trend of 2019. So why should you be excited about adding CBD-infused beauty products to […]

3 Amazing Hemp Oil Benefits for Hair

3 Amazing Hemp Oil Benefits for Hair

In a second, I’m going to tell you about the top 3 amazing reasons hemp oil benefits hair (and our favorite hemp shampoo [1]). But first, did you know… Hemp oil contains many fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients that are beneficial to the health of different parts of the human body? It’s true…. […]

Hemp Skin Care: Everything You Ought To Know


Used for thousands of years for a number of different things, hemp has proved to be one of the most versatile and beneficial plants found in nature. Many people use hemp in beauty products, and the overall number of hemp oil products you can shop for online illustrates just how popular using hemp oil has […]

5 Reasons Why Hemp Oil Is Great For Skin Care (Even for Men)

Hemp Oil for Skin Care

Should CBD-infused Beauty Products Be Part of Your Skin-Care Regimen? Beauty products infused with CBD are part of a growing realm that is expanding faster each day. CBD, cannabis, and hemp have taken the world of skin care and cosmetics by storm. Products like topical CBD oil are becoming the new go-to for people who want […]

Hemp Shampoo (Natural Secret) Most Beautiful Hair Is Hemp

Best Hemp Shampoo

Hemp is becoming more and more distinguished in the beauty department. While its popularity is growing, don’t be fooled by the current buzz–hemp has always been one of the best ingredients people could use. One of the overlooked areas in which hemp can improve your well-being is your scalp. Yes, hemp’s genius formula of fatty […]

CBD Skin Care Effective – Research Proves (Healing Science)


Dubbed some of nature’s most balanced oil, hemp is considered miraculous among enthusiasts who understand its benefits. Some of the most accessible of these are the many hemp oil skin benefits, from basic moisturizing to treating eczema and psoriasis symptoms. Hemp oil contains the ideal amount of fatty acids for long-term human nutrition. The essential […]

What Is Hemp Wear?


The demand for eco-friendly clothing is growing by the day with an ever-increasing number of brands acknowledging the various benefits of hemp wear and other types of natural fabrics. These natural materials are favored by an increasing number of clothing brands for myriad reasons, including comfort, durability and versatility. While hemp can be utilized across […]

5 Amazing Hemp Seed Oil Benefits For Skin

5 Amazing Hemp Seed Oil Benefits For Skin

This is a guest post by Tung Tran who writes about how to help people use CBD Oil for skin problems. Please enjoy his extensive research about the great benefits that hemp seed oil can have for your skin. You’ll also learn about our favorite Hemp Lotion. Hemp seed oil is processed from the seeds of the […]

Stimulate Hair Growth with Hemp Hair Products!

Hemp Hair Products

What is Hemp? The products of the hemp plant are wonderfully versatile. For generations, its seeds, oil and fibres have been used for various purposes from construction, paper production, and making clothing to consumption as a great source of nutrition. Hemp is a variety of cannabis plant with several important distinctions. Hemp is low in […]