How a New Testing Kit Affects Cannabidiol Breast Cancer Treatment


An Israeli company by the name Eventus Diagnostics is on its way to significantly changing how breast cancer is detected. This is expected to have a major influence on how the disease is prevented and treated and even how cannabidiol can play a role in its management in the coming years.

The new development, a quick blood testing kit, is the culmination of eight years of painstaking and rigorous research during which different aspects of the disease, including its causes, risk factors and linked body changes, were analyzed.

The kit is called Octava Pink and is already in use in Israel and Italy. In the US, however, it is awaiting necessary procedures by the Food and Drug Administration before it is allowed into hospitals and labs around the country.

Use of Octava Pink will be a major shift since early detection is critical when it comes to cancer management and treatment. Breast cancer accounts for about 23 percent of all cancer cases and 50,000 deaths annually in the United States.

How is all this relevant to cannabidiol?

During their research, Eventus Diagnostics confirmed that there is a close relationship between breast cancer, the immune system and hormonal composition. These are areas of the bodily system that have been shown to be affected by hemp plant compounds. In fact, reactions between receptors in the body and some cannabidiol compounds do trigger releases of various antibodies and hormones.

Another way this development is relevant to cannabidiol breast cancer treatment is the element of convenience. More people will now be in a position to not only detect the growth of breast cancer early enough but also determine their susceptibility through their hormonal and immune system changes. This will enable them take appropriate preventative measures.

Cannabidiol is going to play a major role in both of these preventative measures as well as treatment. Since the disease is a result of either compromised immune system or improper hormonal balance, cannabidiol can be taken as part of a diet to trigger antibody and hormone release with the aim of averting possible cancer development when particular antibody or hormonal changes are detected.

Cannabidiol will continue to be an efficient natural remedy

Already cannabidiol compounds in the hemp plant have shown effectiveness in slowing down and even halting the progress of breast cancer by inducing cancer cell deaths, inhibiting cancer cell growth and preventing them spreading to other tissues. The cannabidiol compounds are also useful in managing other symptoms that come with breast cancer, including pain, lack of appetite and insomnia.

Cannabidiol has also been used along with conventional medications in order to reduce the side effects they cause. Hemp products, when taken after chemotherapy, radiation, hormonal therapy and other treatments, help in managing the nausea, vomiting and lack of sleep that come with them.

In addition, cannabidiol compounds in the hemp plant treat depression and anxiety, which are common in patients suffering from breast cancer due to the disease itself and its medications and treatment procedures.

Octava Pink is bound to complement cannabidiol breast cancer treatment by making it easy for people to spot the disease early enough and start treatment before it is beyond manageable levels and to encourage some to note their susceptibility and embolden their bodies’ natural guard against breast cancer.