Phoenix Tears Hemp Oil for the Well-Being of the Whole Body


There is a lot of information available on the internet and from other sources about Phoenix Tears hemp oil, its capabilities, and the ailments it serves to remedy.

The hemp plant has always been thought to possess medicinal properties and was used at many points in human history. However, due to its misuse as a stimulant drug, most countries around the world have outlawed the growth and use of the plant.

In modern history, a man named Rick Simpson discovered that hemp, in concentration, could be used to address cancer problems and a host of other diseases. He set to grow as many hemp plants as possible and extracted their oil. In many ways, he was successful. However, due to the law that made planting and using the plant illegal, Simpson was arrested and prosecuted. He was able to escape into exile.

Simpson’s Phoenix Tears hemp oil comes from oil squeezed from the buds of the hemp plant. To be selected for this oil, the bud should be from a high-quality hemp plant. A high-quality bud not only produces a lot of oils but also oil richer in the nutrients discussed below. An ounce of the hemp bud produces, on average, three to four ounces of this oil. However, this can vary from plant to plant and the process of extraction.

The Healing Power of Hemp Oil

Rick Simpson attests to Phoenix Tears hemp oil’s medicinal properties, but hemp oil is more of a health food than a drug. People often consume tasty hemp oil with meals to reap the benefits. Hemp oil contains high amounts of essential fatty acids, including omega 3 and omega 6. Omega 3 and omega 6 acids are known to help in cancer cases in the human body. Hemp oil has the right balance of omega 3 to 6 fats at three to one, the ratio that is required by the body.

The oil also contains all of the nine essential amino acids (better known as proteins) that are needed in the body. It also has vitamin E, fiber, and other trace minerals. Further, the protein content in hemp oil is highly digestible and, unlike most other plant proteins that cause bloating, this oil does not cause gas or heartburn. In addition to this, the oil does not contain phytic acid. Phytic acid is an anti-nutrient acid found in several proteins that prevents our bodies from absorbing minerals. Soy has large quantities of this problematic acid.

Phoenix Tears Hemp Oil Therapy

A great deal of anecdotal evidence exists suggesting hemp oil’s therapeutic potential, and many hopeful individuals seek to buy hemp oil for cancer. You might want to look into these claims and evaluate them for yourself.

Should you decide to give Phoenix Tears hemp oil a try, you’ll be pleased to know there is no overdose risk. Thus, patients who would like to add an ounce to their daily intake are at liberty to do so. However, Rick Simpson suggests introducing the oil slowly to help the body build some tolerance to the oil, especially in cancer patients who may be feeble. His recommended dosage to start is 3 doses of ¼ drop daily.

When a cancer patient has undergone chemotherapy, radiation and other conventional cancer treatments, he or she may have to take the oil for a bit longer to balance the effect of these therapies. However, these treatments involve some harmful effects that may not be reversed by the oil.

As said earlier, this is a supplement from a plant extract and not a drug.

Foods that Should be Avoided for Phoenix Tears Hemp Oil to be Effective

Many bodily ailments stem from poor eating habits. The increased use of processed food and refined sugars is a top reason for ill health in the US and around the world.

As a hemp oil patient, keep the consumption of red meat as small as possible. Researchers have found that red meat is associated with increased cancer cases and cardiovascular illnesses, among other problems. You may take other alternatives such as nuts, poultry, fish and other plant proteins instead.

White meat is more easily digested in a weak digestive system than red meat. In addition, it contains more unsaturated fats. These fats help lower cholesterol levels in the blood vessels and heart. High cholesterol levels cause blood vessels to narrow, which may lead to heart ailments.

Health researchers in Germany found a link between metabolizing digested glucose and cancerous tumors in the body. Recent studies have shown that refined sugars also bring a broad range of other gastrointestinal problems.

Alcohol is another thing to avoid. Aside from its other well-known risks, it also affects your digestive system and other bodily functions. Be sure to eat a healthy, balanced diet to give your body all nutrients it needs.

Important Tips While Using Hemp Oil

Phoenix Tears hemp oil is not a wonder drug, but it can be helpful with many cancer-related and other health issues. The following guidelines are suggested to enhance its effects.

First, it is best to be consistent and take the oil every day. Just like conventional medicine, lack of consistency erodes any progress.

Doing some exercise is also essential for the general welfare of the body. It is good to have a brisk walk in the warm sun in the evening for a few minutes to keep your body fit.

It is also good to surround yourself with people who offer encouragement and support during your healing period. These people remind you to take your supplement as required and also provide support when you feel inferior. Healing starts from the mind, and the help or rather support goes a long way to realizing it.

Do you have some inspiring stories on how Phoenix Tears Hemp Oil has contributed to improving your health? How did you go about it?  Share with our readers in the comments section.