The Amazing CBD Success Story of KJ Byrd

Hi Brandon,

I received the results of my CT scan Unfortunately my results were worse then what I anticipated. The test revealed that I had inflammatory bowel disease, the mass located on my left rib was 3″x3.5″ with a inch and half raise. Yes I said inches. Fortunately that mass was located on my rib and my boobs are tumor and nodule free. (Thank the Good Lord) that test also showed that I had a lung nodule on my lower left lung.

I received your product the day of my CT scan. I have been taking per directions twice a day.

The first day I took it, I got a pop of energy and then slept for 5 hrs pain free and it was the best sleep I had in a long time.

The second day of using your product I was called by my physician with the results of my CT scan.

My physician ordered me to stop smoking cigarettes and to get a chest X-ray. She also referred me to a GI specialist for the IBD.

I have taken your product religiously and there were two weeks between CT scan and chest X-ray.

I am so super happy to tell you that my chest X-ray came back with no lung nodule and the lump on my rib has decreased in size by 3mm And even though my GI appointment is tomorrow. I know the medicine is working on that too.

Something I did not expect from your product is the way my hand and wrist feel. I had a nerve dissection, MP joint synovecyomy, and a wrist arthroscopy. I have been prescribed 7.5 mg of loratab prn for pain. I cannot take them due to the fact they my me ill. I throw up every time I take one or any pain pill. I have been prescribed Valtetran.

Gel which didn’t touch the swelling or pain. Also 800mg of ibuprofen 3 times daily. Which also didn’t help the swelling or the IBD.

So I sucked it up and lived in pain for 3 yrs. Steadily gaining weight losing friends because I was in pain and didn’t want to hang out. My marriage deteriorated. My permanent disability in that hand was no lifting pushing or pulling over 15lbs. No repetitive movement etc.

Well…. My hand feels almost new. No pain and the swelling is gone completely.

Did you hear me? No lung nodule! Tumor decreased in size! No pain no swelling in my bunk hand! (Clapping my hands like a 5yr old)

I have this energy I haven’t had for a long time about three plus yrs.

I CANNOT express with words my true gratitude and thankfulness for this product.

Literally in two weeks my whole life has changed for the better.

And it tastes great.

God Bless all of you.

You truly are angels in my life and my family’s life.

After my GI appointment I will ask my physician to endorse and educate her patients on the positive benefits of CBDs. and THCs

I will also get my tests formatted so I can send you both. (Still clapping)

You have my endorsement for life.

From a mother of five. Big hugs!!!

Be Bliss

PS the letter you sent was wonderful and put a smile on my face at a very dark moment in my life thank you Brandon

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KJ Byrd

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