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***UPDATE (June 5th, 2015): It’s come to our attention that there has been an FDA warning against this company for unsavory business practices. This is not a company that we would like to be promoting, since they obviously don’t have the best interest of the customer in mind.

On behalf of the HealthyHempOil.com team, I would like to personally apologize for any confusion or misguidance this has caused. We only want the best information and products for you guys.

We do our best to keep on top of the latest knowledge, but it’s not always possible to know everything. So thank you to Paul and Jess for bringing this to our attention. Please see the comments below for more information, and disregard the content of the blog post below.



There are many varieties of CBD products in the market with all of them promising the same results. However, UltraCBD has stood out from the rest.

UltraCBD is a hemp oil supplement product that is not chemically made in a lab but, rather, processed from a special industrial hemp plant. Apart from cannabidiol, it also contains traces of several other cannabinoids including Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) at under 0.3%.

Aside from hemp, these CBD supplements contain extracts of spearmint, ginger and natural honey. Additional ingredients include water, natural flavouring and pure vegetable oil.

All these ingredients bring out a unique and pleasing smell and taste while making the product easy to use.

In order to guarantee quality and safety, the manufacturer of UltraCBD subjects each package of the product to a comprehensive testing according to the demands of best practices.

UltraCBD Meets Safety Standards

In addition, the UltraCBD supplement is prepared in a facility that is certified by relevant authorities such as the National Institute of Health (NIH). This means that every step from the moment raw materials get on the conveyor belt to when the final product is packaged and ready for shipping is well taken care of.

And talking of packaging, the bottle UltraCBD comes in is designed with a convenient dropper, which makes it easy for the user to achieve the right dosage. The dosage can be increased or decreased depending on the number of drops taken.

UltraCBD is available in two different doses in a bid to appeal to a wider audience and meet the growing market demand:

  •   UltraCBD™ 1 oz. 200 mg Supplement
  •   UltraCBD™ 400 mg supplement

Effects of UltraCBD

As mentioned above, Ultra CBD tastes just as great as it looks. It is not psychotropic, so its effects are not felt immediately. Usually, it takes about three half-droppers to produce a noticeable feeling of relaxation.

Increased dosage intake of UltraCBD does not increase relaxation, but it does provide a sense of balance and wellness. Nevertheless, care should be taken not to overdose as the product is quite strong if taken in large amounts. Bear in mind that each bottle of UltraCBD can be equalled to two of the similar product from other manufacturers.

How UltraCBD is Used

When using UltraCBD, start with a small amount to assess how well it works for your body. In most cases, a few milligrams of UltraCBD will impact anxiety or cognition in a positive manner.

To get the most out of the UltraCBD supplement, the drops should be placed under the tongue.

This way, you ensure that the medicine is absorbed quickly into the body’s bloodstream and transported rapidly throughout the body organs including the brain.

Nevertheless, you should ensure that you take only take what is enough to achieve the desired effects.

Alternatively, the UltraCBD tincture can be mixed with drinks you take during the day such as water or juice. This is especially helpful if the taste does not appeal to you.

In order to maintain its effectiveness for a longer time, UltraCBD should be stored in a cool, dry place especially after the seal has been broken.

Even though UltraCBD is a dietary supplement that can be used to alleviate pains in the body, anyone with a medical condition should seek advice from a doctor before taking it.

In particular, pregnant women and those nursing and who have heart conditions are advised not to use UltraCBD without the advice of their doctor.

Why is Ultra CBD Different?

The UltraCBD team has made sure that this product follows a strict manufacturing process that is highly acclaimed to offer the user a safe cannabinoid supplement that will not cause harm to the body.

It is made in a lab with a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved environment following the highest standards.

These facts make this product stand out among the many similar products that are available in the market.

Where to Buy UltraCBD

UltraCBD is readily available over the counter for people who are above 18 years in all the major cities and towns across the United States. You can also buy it from the majority of established online stores that stock CBD-related products, such as HealthyHempOil.com.

Its availability, however, also depends on whether it is legalised in your country or state. The good news is that, currently, the sale and use of UltraCBD is legal in all 50 states in the US.

For many years, it has been difficult to differentiate one product from another in terms of its content and what it can do. UltraCBD has already stood out in its effectiveness in dealing with pain reliever and psychotic symptoms.

Of all the benefits you stand to derive from UltraCBD, as described above, which seems to be the deal maker for you?

We’d love to hear from you.

  • Paul

    Oh boy. How much did they pay you for this? The FDA has issued warnings to CBD Life Holdings LLC, the maker of UltraCBD, for making medical claims, but most of all, they tested the product and found this:

    “The FDA tested two separate samples of “UltraCBD,” sold by CBD Life Holdings LLC (a one ounce bottle costs $45 on their website or Amazon). Of the samples tested, one did not contain any cannabinoids — CBD or otherwise — while the second contained only .02% CBD. Of all products tested by the FDA that were found to contain some CBD, the “UltraCBD” products contained the smallest percentage.”

    What a joke. Your credibility is dead.

  • Jessjokin

    sigh…. disappointing….

  • @jessjokin:disqus @disqus_dp1TGAO74e:disqus Hi guys, thanks for pointing this out to me, I was unaware of this FDA warning to this company. We were not paid for this and we are not in the business of promoting companies who are trying to take advantage of consumers.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I am going to take this article down as a result.

  • Dee

    I wonder how you could be in this industry and not already know about this? this was major news months ago, as was the FDA announcement regarding CBD and supplements last week. I would assume you would be keeping up to date on such issues, but then again, based on the amount of what would amount to blatant health claims in the product descriptions you have written up on this site…. I would appear you are NOT keeping up with FDA. just an fyi if you havnt seen this link. http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/PublicHealthFocus/ucm435591.htm

    just fyi bud, saying that ” In most cases, a few milligrams of UltraCBD will impact anxiety or cognition in a positive manner.” “This way, you ensure that the medicine is absorbed quickly into the body’s bloodstream and transported rapidly throughout the body organs including the brain.” “Even though UltraCBD is a dietary supplement that can be used to alleviate pains in the body,” ” UltraCBD has already stood out in its effectiveness in dealing with pain reliever and psychotic symptoms”……… just saying man…..you are BEGGING to be red flagged by FDA and you CAN NOT say such things, either about efficacy, or method of delivery/absorbtion. This is just common sense in the supplement industry….you CAN NOT MAKE UNSUBSTANTIATED CLAIMS, or MEDICAL CLAIMS otherwise you infer the substance is to be used to treat illness, which makes it a DRUG, in the eyes of FDA. You cant just sell supplements and say what you want about them…..you have to be very careful about what you say.

    I am in the industry and was linked this site by another patient I know. this is just one article. I have seen soo many other red flags in your product write ups, as to just shake my head. You may want to brush up on these issues before you find yourself on the wrong side of things. Just saying man. Look at what the above companies where cited for by FDA, and do the rest of us in the industry a favor and get rid of the health claims.

    Ultra CBD has had a bad rap since go. Their products have tested for illegal levels of THC in other published tests. I don’t know why you would rep such a company. I was approached by them to run advertising when they launched, …. it took me all of 5 mins to suss out the quality of what they were offering. I have seen nothing in the year since, that would make me change that assessement, and indeed, when the FDA stuff broke, I was like yep, there ya go. Scammers.

  • Connie

    IM SO CONFUSED! Brandon are you saying this stuff does NOT WORK? I am desperate for something threefold which includes major chronic depression, anxiety, and chronic neck and back pain. What do u want us to disregard? Do you have a money back guarantee?