Where Can I Get Hemp Oil?


What can Hemp Oil do for me? Several scientific studies published in recent years point to a variety of potential benefits from hemp oil. Anecdotal evidence surrounding the possible health benefits of hemp oil is becoming more well-known, though further studies are still needed. Major news networks such as CNN have reported cases of children […]

What is CBD Oil?

What is CBD Oil

While many people are well aware that THC is one of the many agents found in cannabis, or the marijuana plant, many are not aware that there are more than 60 different compounds in cannabis. THC is the compound that is most well-known because it provides individuals with many of the effects that they relate […]

Cannabidiol Extraction


Hemp is still one of the most misunderstood plants.  Despite a growing body of evidence on the value of its potential medicinal properties, the cannabis plant continues to be the center of a maelstrom of legalization controversies.  At the root of the hemp controversy is one variety, cannabis sativa.  In street lingo, this is weed, […]