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When it comes to modern vaping liquids, many companies have moved on from the same old boring nicotine mixtures to whole new herbal flavors.

While using vape pens was first introduced to the market as a healthier alternative for tobacco smokers, the vaping experience has become something far bigger and better than that.

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There are now absolutely healthy and natural e-juices out there that contain no nicotine at all yet will offer you a delicious flavor experience like no other.

ZERO is one of those brands that thought of making something new, healthy and exciting.

This is how they came up with their delicious line of vape juices that contain all-natural CBD derived from hemp oil.

With fantastic flavor choices like butterscotch e-liquid and vanilla e-liquid, both made with hemp oil, you can experience creamy, light taste and the improved wellness that comes from consuming CBD supplements.

For darker, more mature flavors, you can choose between the delicious coffee e-liquid, the scrumptious chocolate e-liquid, and the ever-popular cinnamon e-liquid.

With ZERO products, you'll experience the full benefits of taking CBD together with the calming joy of tasting amazing e-juice vapor.

What's the big deal with CBD anyway, you ask?

CBD might have just become famous in the US, but people have been consuming hemp oil all over the world since ancient times. Specifically, Eastern Asian countries, including China, cultivated industrial hemp for its tough fibers and to supplement their people's diets with the nutritious hemp oil.

Hemp oil is rich in essential fats like omega 3 and linoleic acid. Since the industrial hemp plant is a member of the cannabis family, like medicinal marijuana, hemp oil is also rich in cannabinoids.

When produced properly with expensive CO2 extraction, hemp oil contains a lot of CBD while only having tiny traces of THC. This is why all our products at Healthy Hemp Oil are absolutely legal in all states and in a lot of other countries around the world.

CBD doesn't cause any serious adverse effects, so you can start (or stop) using CBD e-juices whenever you like without a single worry.

Keep in mind: Lactating and pregnant women should not take CBD or vape. If you are seriously ill and/or taking medication, you should ask your physician first before vaping CBD. Keep your vape juices stored in a dark, cool and dry place where kids and pets can't reach. Remember to clean your vape pen properly between uses.

How can CBD specifically help me, you wonder?

CBD is great for you if you need a way to calm down at the end of a difficult shift or after having to take care of your kids all day.

We all know that modern life can be quite tough on all of us. Everyone expects us to work full time, raise a lot of kids and have an exciting social life to boot. As we try to achieve all this, we often get far too tired and enjoy our lives far too little in our free time.

If you have trouble unwinding when you want to enjoy some “me time,” CBD can help you with that.

Just a single vaping session in the evening will provide you with the full benefits of CBD intake, boosting your overall wellness and offering a fantastic, natural calming sensation.

We at Healthy Hemp Oil research for many hours to find the very best CBD products out there so you don't have to waste time searching among the thousands of average products. This way, you know that whatever you buy from us is 100% legal, safe, high-quality and very potent.

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