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CBD is mostly known as a new food supplement everyone is going crazy about.

Yet there are many more uses for CBD-rich hemp oil other than ingesting it. In fact, rubbing hemp oil-based products into your skin or enjoying a bath enriched with hemp oil can do wonders for your wellness and mood.

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This is what Hemp-Eaze focused on when they created their wide variety of CBD beauty products that range from lotions to oils.

Products like their popular honey hemp oil lip balm (which smells simply amazing and feels just as good) and the organic hemp balm are some of their top sellers – and for a good reason.

Hemp-Eaze focuses on quality rather than quantity, ensuring that each and every bottle or jar of beauty products they sell contains natural, potent ingredients.

Pamper yourself with some bath tea bags and their luscious hemp massage oil. Give your skin the moisture it desperately needs in the most natural way with hemp moisturizer spray. For an even more wellness-boosting sensation, try out the therapy cream.

What's so special about CBD hemp oil anyway, you ask?

Well, hemp is really quite an amazing plant. It has been cultivated for centuries in many Eastern Asian countries for its rich oil and tough fibers. Hemp itself is a close cousin of the medicinal marijuana plants. By taking CBD from hemp oil and not marijuana, we can create products that are rich in CBD and very poor in THC, which is what makes our products at Healthy Hemp Oil completely legal in all states and over 50 countries worldwide.

CBD is a cannabinoid, the second most plentiful found in medicinal marijuana. Unlike THC, it does not have psychotropic effects. This means that you don't get a high, and it doesn't count as a recreational drug.

One of the great things about CBD beauty products is that you can start or stop using them any time you like. There are no significant adverse effects to worry about.

Keep in mind: Do not ingest. Hemp-Eaze products are for external use only (beauty products). Do not take CBD if you are pregnant or lactating. If you're taking medicine and/or are suffering from a chronic illness, you should ask your GP before taking CBD. Remember to keep your CBD products away from children and pets. Store them in a cool, dark and dry place.

How can CBD beauty products improve my life, you wonder?

Well, it works in many ways.

First of all, pampering your skin with products that are based on natural ingredients has many benefits. Instead of using a cream or moisturizer whose ingredient list looks like a science experiment, with Hemp-Eaze, you know exactly what you're putting on your skin.

CBD can improve your overall wellness and give you a sense of calm.

Just think about how much it could improve your life if you pampered yourself with CBD after tiring days at work, watching the kids or doing chores. Giving yourself some quality “me time” that actually helps you feel better and calms you down is essential for staying productive and happy.

Just think about your average day at work or doing chores. At the end of the day, we're all beat and have no more energy for anything, but the worries and fears of inadequacy haunt most of us deep into the night.

Just a few minutes giving your body a good CBD treatment can make all the difference, increasing your quality of life and giving you the calm to rest better and take your mind off of things for a while.

We have spent countless hours researching the CBD market to find the absolute best products for our customers. When you buy from us at Healthy Hemp Oil, you know that anything you get will be legal, safe and potent.

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