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Our hemp oil for skin care products will keep your hair and skin looking radiant and youthful. Browse our most popular hemp beauty products below — ranging from soothing CBD lotion and hemp cream to relaxing CBD salves and CBD balms.

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CBD is used in beauty products to create a multitude of hemp-based skin care products, such as hemp oil soap, cream, lotion, and CBD oil for skin care. Hemp is non-toxic and contains CBD which can amplify your skincare routine. Topical CBD oil used in skin-care products is a powerful tool to regulate oil production to counteract acne and help improve the skin’s appearance. CBD helps tackle sun damage and other signs of skin aging.

Premium CBD Oil for Skin Care Products

The terpenes, CBD, protein, and fatty acids found in hemp make its skin product applications particularly broad. The types of hemp-based beauty products available are quite varied as well, with hemp oil being among the most commonly used.

CBD Lotion

Some people may prefer lotions to oils, which is one reason why alternatives to oil-based products exist. Used to help soothe and alleviate cracked, dry skin, CBD lotion is an alternative to hemp oil, although they both contain many of the same beneficial properties. CBD oil effects on problematic areas not only enhances the skin visually, but it can also help alleviate aches and pains associated with inflammation.

CBD Cream

CBD cream is one of many hemp-based products that can be used as part of a daily skin-care routine. Often enhanced with other natural ingredients, such as lavender and jojoba, CBD skin cream serves as an all-natural moisturizer to help combat wrinkles and dryness. Since facial skin is one of the most sensitive areas of skin on the body, it is especially important to look for all-natural ingredients when choosing a CBD skin-care cream product.

CBD Balm and Salve

Also known as body butter, CBD balms and salves are ideal for aiding in the relief of physical ailments, such as soreness, scrapes, general skin irritation, swelling, and cuts. However, CBD balms and salves also work as a softening agents for the skin, which assists in making the skin appear brighter and more youthful.

The balm can be produced by binding together raw honey and beeswax. The honey can provide additional antiseptic properties that aid in the prevention of skin infections. Typically thick in consistency, balms also tend to last longer than some other products.

CBD Skin Care Kit

To help you in every step of your skin care routine, CBD skin care kits help you clean, nourish, and protect your skin with a combination of pure CBD oil and natural ingredients. We have chosen products with complementary formulations, ensuring that the ingredients work in conjunction with CBD to provide a truly unique experience for your skin. Whether you are new to skin care or want to refine your existing routine with CBD oil, CBD skin care kits are the perfect place to start.

CBD Face Moisturizer

CBD moisturizers, like Abinoid Botanicals’ lemon and myrtlewood face and body moisturizer, are designed to hydrate skin all over your body, locking in moisturize to keep your skin smooth, soft, and nourished. While CBD is best known for its pain relief potential, including the cannabinoid in a moisturizer allows for greater enrichment and protection thanks to CBD’s potential anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Our CBD moisturizers are formulated for the face and body for a non-greasy texture that still provides nutrients to soothe irritation and combat dry skin.

CBD Face Serum

Face serums are designed to nourish your skin with a variety of vitamins and nutrients that can help to treat blemishes and erase fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. CBD face serums include the therapeutic potential of premium CBD oil to soothe inflamed, irritated skin and promote a clear, glowing complexion. Face serums come in a variety of forms and functions that incorporate unique, natural ingredients.

Facial Cleanser

Face cleanser is the first step to any good skin care routine. It washes away dirt, sweat, and debris, keeps your oil under control, and begins the process of targeting blemishes and other skin problems. Botanical facial cleansers include natural ingredients which may help to soothe and nourish your skin while preparing your face for serums, lotions, and other steps in your skin care routine.

Facial Toner

Facial toner gives you the opportunity to be even more thorough with your face cleansing by removing excess dirt, makeup, and other oils that your cleanser may have missed. Facial toners also work to close pores and balance your skin’s pH level to protect acne-prone skin. Facial toners complement your CBD Facial Serum in helping soothe skin, promote healing, and prevent inflammation and irritation.

Benefits of using CBD Oil on Skin

Hemp does not contain sufficient enough amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to make the user “high,” but it is useful in many other ways. Apart from being the largest organ in your entire body, your skin is also very delicate. Therefore, it is advisable that you give it utmost care, if for nothing else than the fact that it protects your body from infections that lead to other ailments.

Hemp seed oil is obtained from pressed hemp seeds taken from the hemp plant. Hemp oil has been dubbed as “nature’s most perfectly balanced oil” because it contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are key ingredients in maintaining the health of your skin. To obtain all the CBD oil benefits, you need any body skin care products you use to be well refined. This is why it is important to buy only from retailers with a reputation to protect.

Hemp oil contains an ideal mix of natural chemical components that promote healthy, great-looking skin. As a side note, not all companies that manufacture hemp skin-care products use organic, all-natural ingredients in production, so reading labels is particularly important when searching for the purest products.

CBD oil benefits for the skin include the following:

  1. Relief of symptoms associated with inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne and psoriasis.
  2. Restoring a youthful, healthy glow
  3. Revitalization and moisturization of the skin.
  4. Increase in skin’s elasticity.

Of course, CBD oil effects and the products you choose will depend on the desired results and location of use, as well as whether you prefer creams, serums, or lotions. As stated, hemp-based products are not limited to hemp oil for skin care. Additional hemp-based products include hemp lotion, as well as balms and creams.There are four main components in hemp seeds that make CBD oil effective for skin care.

  • Terpenes: Examples of terpenes found in hemp include caryophyllene and myrcene, both of which are present in great abundance in hemp seed oil. Myrcene has analgesic uses, while caryophyllene may serve as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Fatty acids: Hemp seed oil contains an abundance of omega-3, linoleic, and linolenic fatty acids. The benefits of fatty acids include reducing joint pain and body stiffness, enhancing anti-inflammatory drug benefits, and decreasing triglyceride levels in the body.
  • CBD: Cannabidiol helps increase the activity of the body’s signaling pathways and receptors. In turn, the activity of important neurotransmitters, such as serotonin (which helps with moods and sleep), may be enhanced.
  • Protein: According to FDA records, hemp seeds are composed of between 20 and 25 percent high-quality proteins. Protein is critical to the human body, as it repairs and builds tissue, which makes it especially ideal to use hemp seed oil for face- and hand-care products.

Premium CBD Oil for Wrinkles & Anti Aging

The elements in hemp oil moisturize, revitalize and regenerate tired, dry or dehydrated skin. They also increase both the elasticity of the skin and flow of blood underneath, hence making you look younger. Furthermore, hemp oil removes all the dead cells, which give you a glowing look.

Moisturizing Your Skin with CBD Oil

One way to take care of your skin is to keep it clean and moisturized. Hemp oil products are known to do that with high levels of success. Hemp oil can penetrate and lubricate your skin cells effectively. This saves you from those moments when your skin feels painful, hard and rough. The proper way to use hemp oil for this purpose is to use it in your bath, have your body massaged with it, or just apply it after bathing or showering. Unlike other products, hemp oil does not clog pores.

CBD Oil for Acne

Hemp oil is effective in treating acne because it neither causes skin breakouts nor clogs your pores. It is also recommended for use on acne-prone skin because it helps balance sebum production. Hemp oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that help in the treatment of acne. The acid in hemp oil is a special nutrient that helps in regulating the production of sebum as well as its quality. Usually, sebum serves to lubricate the skin. It is perfect until it starts clogging the pores on your skin due to change in texture, which is caused by diets low in acid.

The sebum becomes sticky and ends up hardening in the pores, resulting in acne. This may later turn into acne lesion, blackhead or whitehead. Intake of high-quality hemp oil will increase your linoleic acid levels and improve your skin’s ability to produce higher quality oil that does not clog your pores. Hemp oil also treats similar skin conditions such as dry patches, blotchy skin, inflammation, redness, and itchiness.

Treating Eczema with CBD Oil

Another of the benefits of hemp oil on skin is treating a skin inflammatory condition known as eczema. The condition manifests itself in the form of itchy, dry and red skin. Hemp oil is effective in the expulsion of waste products from your body especially when taken orally. The continued removal of unwanted wastes and toxic products is important in treating eczema.

Who Should use Hemp Oil for Skincare?

Anybody can use hemp oil to care for their skin. However, it is particularly helpful to people who are above the age of forty. This is because it helps your skin fight the aging effect. Hemp oil can be combined with other oils such as olive oil for added benefits on the skin or in case you have sensitive skin.

CBD oil benefits extend to lotion, cream, and balm hemp-based products. Again, the type of product you choose will depend on the desired outcome, and sometimes where the product will be applied. For example, hemp cream makes a great all-over skin-care product for the face and body, while the consistency of hemp balm makes it better suited for targeting specific areas.

However, whether you use lotions, balms, creams, or hemp oil for skin care, selecting hemp-based products that are organic and contain all-natural ingredients is key to ensuring a quality, non-toxic beauty product. Hemp’s powerful health-promoting components make hemp-based products the perfect alternative to problematic beauty products that contain artificial and potentially harmful ingredients.

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