Abnormal Cannabidiol is the Hope for Heart Disease Patients


Abnormal cannabidiol is yet another potential that lies in the cannabis or hemp plant. New studies show that this compound could be the ultimate remedy to about a quarter of the deaths that occur in America annually due to cardiovascular disorders.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cardiovascular disorders or Coronary Artery Diseases are the No. 1 killer in America. About six hundred thousand Americans die from heart disease each year, translating to one in every four deaths. That shows the magnitude of the effect this new treatment is likely to have in the country and beyond.

What is Abnormal Cannabidiol?

Abnormal cannabidiol is a synthetic compound that chemically belongs to the family of compounds found in the cannabis plant. The compound, like Cannabidiol, is non-psychoactive – meaning that it does not induce the ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ feeling one gets by consuming marijuana with some concentration of THC.

However, even though its molecular structure is, in many ways, similar to that of THC, CBD and the other cannabidiol compounds, abnormal cannabidiol reacts with the brain through different receptors from that used by the naturally occurring CBD and THC (Click to see article on CBD vs THC).

How could Abnormal Cannabidiol help with heart disorders and other conditions?

One of the highest risk factors for heart disease, aside from smoking and high cholesterol, is high blood pressure. Increased blood pressure is, in most cases, an indication of thinning of the blood vessels like veins and arteries.

There are several reasons this happens, with the major ones being accumulation of fats and hardening or narrowing of tissues around arteries and veins. This often leads to restriction or blockage of blood flow and, finally, heart attack or stroke.

In a study published in2003 by the British Journal of Pharmacology, researchers were able to ascertain, through testing the effects of abnormal cannabidiol on rats, that abnormal cannabidiol had the effect of vasodilation or the widening of blood veins and arteries by relaxing muscles on their walls. This unblocked the rats’ cardiovascular vessels, reduced blood pressure and averted potentially fatal heart attack or stroke.

Abnormal Cannabidiol does more than healing heart conditions.

It is not only Coronary Artery Diseases that this compound promises to treat. Other studies show that it can also trigger cell migration, which is critical in organ formation during embryonic development and even later in life. This potential in abnormal cannabidiol can be used to avoid both congenital cell defects and cell abnormalities in adults, which lead to different forms of cancer.

Even though several other studies have been carried out since then giving the same results, the compound has not been used on human beings as a treatment. Nevertheless, it is a future remedy that will save and change many lives of those who are victims to not only cardiovascular disorders but possibly many others.

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