Hemp Oil Lung Cancer Testimony


In 2005, Rick Dwyer, a bar attendant at a local town hall in his native Canada, began hearing of  a man named Rick Simpson and the message of hemp’s healing powers he was spreading in the local community.

At first, like most people, Dwyer did not believe everything he heard. Nevertheless, he kept tabs on what Mr. Simpson was doing – especially after hearing the testimonies of people who were suffering from such diseases as cancer and diabetes that Rick Simpson’s hemp oil was helping them cope with their conditions.

His own time to test the efficiency of the hemp oil medicine came earlier than he expected. In late 2005, his father  was diagnosed with lung cancer. This condition was complicated more by the fact that the old man was also suffering from diabetes, a combination that would make treatment a daunting task for the doctors.

He was put under chemotherapy immediately. This, as suspected, did not turn out well for him. The therapy made his whole body swell, from the feet to the head, and not long later doctors broke the bad news to the family: the old man had no more than 48 hours to live.

While the rest of the family started preparing for the old man’s departure, Rick Dwyer was having his moment of reckoning. He remembered what he had heard Rick Simpson’s hemp oil was capable of doing.

He was not sure, however,  whether it could work on lung cancer as it had on diabetes or skin cancer. Further, he risked going to prison by giving his father hemp oil. Mr. Simpson himself was having many run-ins with the law over his involvement with marijuana.

Given the almost imminent death of his father, Dwyer decided to give it a try – there was nothing to lose. He got in touch with Simpson and acquired the oil. However, the nurses were adamant and could not break the law by giving the elder Dwyer anything that the law did not permit.

Even the old man himself was not so sure that a remedy prepared by someone with little medical training could help him with his pain or cure him in any way. It took some persuasion for him to accept this form of medication.

Finally, Rick Dwyer gave him his first dose. He slept soundly that night and woke up with a smile on his face the following morning. In a few days, with more doses, he was ready to leave the hospital ward for his home.

This is one example showing that, even though research has not provided all the answers as to how hemp oil helps with lung cancer conditions, its ability to help lung cancer patients get well or manage symptoms cannot be underestimated. There are still many legal and logistical obstacles that stand between hemp oil and lung cancer patients not only in Canada but also the United States. However, the fact that someone got better after using hemp oil is good news to many around the world.

One thought on “Hemp Oil Lung Cancer Testimony

  1. Patricia Pensyl says:

    Ran across this saying …….”When Grecian temples were new, hemp was already old in service of mankind.” says a lot.

  2. Ibz Esufa Dogan says:

    How can i get my hands on some? my father has stage 4 lung cancer that has spread and he has also been refused treatment? please help! my contact number is 07944389601 I have no other choice and I can’t bear to let him down and watch him die… His been there for me and never let me down in my life.

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