We Support our Military Members


Healthy Hemp Oil salutes our military members and wants to express our gratitude for their service by offering 20% off many of the CBD products in our range.

This introduction comes with great pride and aims to help both our current and former military members and their families live healthier, more balanced lives.

This is the least we can do for those who gave their all to protect us! Thank you, and may you and your families live in peace and happiness.

CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that may offer effective relief from stress, inflammation, and chronic pain, as well as provide support for mood and sleep improvement. All products in our shop are made from industrial hemp, are third-party lab-tested for cannabinoid content and quality, and are guaranteed to be pure and free of toxins.

Overview of CBD in the Military

Who is Eligible?

  • Active Duty
  • Dependents
  • Inactive Reserves
  • National Guard
  • Spouses
  • Veterans

How Long Does the Offer Last?

The 20% reduction (including FREE shipping) is a lifetime program for US military personnel and their families.

How Do I Receive My Discount?

  1. Begin by signing up with your military email address below.
  2. You will then receive an email containing the discount code.
  3. When finished with your selection of our CBD products, head over to your Shopping Cart.
  4. Enter the discount code in the “coupon code” box and click “apply coupon.”
  5. Proceed to Checkout with your discounted items and enjoy the benefits of CBD!

Please keep in mind, the offer cannot be combined with other promotional codes or applied to gift card purchases.


Does This Offer Apply to First Responders or Other Non-Military Service Members?

Negative. This discount is reserved solely for our active military, veterans, and their spouses and immediate family members.

Will I Receive Junk Mail Once I’m Subscribed?

We value our customers and will only provide updates on the latest industry news and promotions. Healthy Hemp Oil will never sell or distribute your contact information, including your email address, to third parties.

Once you subscribe to our newsletter, you will benefit from our carefully crafted educational content and exciting offers. Whether you are a CBD boot or a cannabinoid expert, our newsletter is a goldmine of useful information.

What Do Military Members Have to Say About Our Products?

We glow every time we hear from our veterans about the ways in which CBD improves their quality of life. Here are some of the testimonials:

“I have been a C-6-7 quadriplegic and a lifetime member of the Paralyzed Veterans of America for 30 years. I have had 7 operations trying to manage my pain, all of them were 100% unsuccessful, then now I have been taking 34 Rx drugs trying to just make the pain more bearable, but still suffered with pain…  Since I have found CBD oil, the pain have been much more bearable, pain free, stress free and been able to sleep all night long and wake up and feel as if I have slept for days!”

Boyd K. – Product not mentioned

“I had almost given up on looking for a real CBD product. I had spent over $400 trying different brands before discovering the FDA’s report about how the CDB market is flooded with fake products. I gave CBD one last shot when I came across healthyhempoil.com, and they were the first and only company that sent me real CBD… They make me feel relaxed. I’m able to sleep great now. I’m able to sooth my tension headaches that I’ve had for over 13 years since I was in the Navy, and I’ve eliminated a lot of anxiety that I didn’t even know I had until I felt the difference. Imho this is the perfect medicine for veterans. THANK YOU!”

Lufkin – Alternate Vape: CBD Vape Shot

“I’m a disabled Veteran. I use to take 210mg of morphine a day…now I take 100mg of CBD gold. AWWSOME!!! …ANYONE on opioids should give this a try… You will not be disappointed.”

Anthony L. – Herbal Renewals: Gold CBD Oil

“I am a Medically Retired Army Veteran… i dont take pain pills anymore due to the addiction aspect… so i decided to try this. I was sceptical but it really helps with my pain and also helps me get to relax at night so i can sleep. The stuff works!”

Bertrand P. – Herbal Renewals: Blue Label High-CBD Hemp Oil

“…I have anxiety and p.t.s.d. From my combat time in the military… since I’ve begun to use this product my wife ,friends,and family have noticed I’m alot calmer and no where near as moody…”

T.g.b. – Alternate Vape: CBD Vape Shot

“I use this product everyday, it helps with my chronic pain from a traumatic brain injury received in the army. It helps even out my mood and relaxes me enough to get a better night sleep.”

Strutt H. – CW Hemp: Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract

“I bought both the blue and gold CBD concentrate. Both are excellent products. I have arthritis and sciatica issues from serving in the Army and this stuff helps a lot.”

Thomas K. – Herbal Renewals: Blue Label High-CBD Hemp Oil