Does Wisconsin’s Cannabidiol Bill Really Help Those Who Need It?


On April 16, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin signed into law a bill that legalizes the use of cannabidiol oil for children suffering from intractable epilepsy (a topic we’ve covered earlier here).

The oil—extracted from medical marijuana—contains a large concentration of cannabidiol (CBD) and a small amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Several states have legalized its use for epilepsy patients, and it has been shown to drastically reduce the number of seizures the children must endure.

In a statement reported by Channel 3000, the Governor made it clear that this law is very different from legalizing recreational marijuana: “It’s very controlled, from the examining board and oversight by pharmacists and physicians, and I think that’s important moving forward,” he said. “This is not in any way what we see with other laws across the country.”

The law’s narrow focus brings us to a problem pointed out by some parents; though it is now legal to use cannabidiol oil in Wisconsin (for patients suffering from epilepsy with written approval from their doctors), there is no legal way to obtain it. The state has not legalized growing medical marijuana within its borders, and Federal law does not allow anyone to legally transport marijuana products across state lines.

For these reasons, the bill has been called a placebo. Is that all it really is?

Access to Cannabidiol

Some websites have reported that CBD oil will be available within the next few months, and parents of epileptic children are looking forward to using it soon.

Though the bill does not allow production of CBD oil within Wisconsin, it does allow doctors to request an investigational drug permit from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The state will also help with the request to improve the chances of a positive response. Once a doctor is approved, the state decides which pharmacies and doctors can dispense the oil. This is a process that could take some time.

It is also not clear how the oil will make it into the state.

For now, the only option that parents have is to travel to a state that provides CBD oil to non-residents and then carry it back with them. Their journey back home may involve traveling through states where possession is illegal. The process is impractical, and the Marijuana Policy Project has called it “unworkable for the limited population it’s meant to help.” By the time other means are available to obtain CBD, it may be too late for many children suffering seizures now.

Though the law is a step forward, it has also been pointed out that it only helps a very limited number of patients who can benefit from CBD oil and medical marijuana.

The Plight of Other Patients

“There are thousands of Wisconsinites we are leaving behind today, thousands of them, whose families are going out having to break the law to get marijuana so they can use it to deal with their cancer,” said Senator Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) about the new law.

The Marijuana Policy Project estimates that the current set of bills can only benefit two percent of those whose doctors believe medical marijuana, with higher levels of THC, could help. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that medical marijuana derivatives help keep cancer in check, and a number of clinical studies are now showing this to be true.

However, new laws in many states leave these patients out in the cold.

Conclusion to Wisconsin’s Cannabidiol Bill

Wisconsin’s cannabidiol bill has been approved. Though the new law is heading in the right direction for those who need CBD oil, practical benefits are not available right now. It is legal to possess and use the oil, but there is no way to get it. Families may have to join many others who move to states, such as Colorado, where they can both legally obtain the oil and use it. The law also does not address the needs of many other patients who could benefit from CBD oil.

Visit our resource pages to learn more about how CBD works, and its effects on epilepsy, cancer, and other diseases.

  • Jonathon Stone

    I’m currently trying to be the first facility in Wisconsin that will produce the CBD Oil Treatment I’m located in northern Wisconsin on a Tribal Reservation we should be starting production soon hang in there Wisconsin

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            Ahhh… Hum. Questioning me now… For the same reason I hesitated about ordering from you. Never mind. I’ll figure something out. Good luck.

          • Valarie

            My husband is 4 years into Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. EVERY ONE OF HIS DOCTORS has recommended weed. Yes!! It works!! But, he can’t work stoned. We’re at risk for losing everything. We’re giving up! What to do?

          • smdh

            CBD will not get you stoned. It has virtually no THC. Like Jonathon said, order it online!

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          Hey Jonathon.. I just found your post about Cannabis Oil.. Any updates? This may be the treatment I am looking for to treat my COPD.. Would love to get more info please..

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      • Kathleen

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    • Hi Jonathon, I have a son with Crohn’s disease and read that CBD oil helps. How can I get in touch with you? My phone number is 7739909302, please call me.

    • Steven Houston

      Hello all, I have 7 herniated discs, sist in spinal cord, sciatica both legs, fibromialgia and painful right hip and back, no rotator cuff left shoulder, bad knees and ankles. I can barely walk! Been smoking for 37 years, I know weed helps!:) How can I get oil for my pain? Why can’t all people benefit from this miracle medicine? Please help…

    • Samantha

      Im not a child but I have epilepsy and when I was on the medication I was having at least 2 seizures a month when I was 17 I asked my doctor if I could come off the medication she gave me a eeg and told me no well when I turned 18 I talked with my parents and I started smoking pot and felt like a million dollars so I figured fuck it in going to give it a shot since the doctors won’t listen to me and I slwly whined myself off the medication. And smoked pot on a daily and now almost 6 years later I have a seizure maybe once of twice a year! I’ll take that! And I feel like if I would get the proper medical attention I deserve I would be a normal person!

  • john

    people need to do better research first off Jonathon you are not the first if approved in the university of steves point is doing research for the state and federal government and is making it and destribiting it to people who are part of the human test panel. also all native American tribes in Wisconsin are allowed to grow it as long as the thc level is below 0.03% and some tribes do to it and use it at times. Also cdb oil is not what is not legal its thc or any thing with it as far as Cannabidiol that has no law restricting it if you use cdb oil from the sativa hemp it is only Cannabidiol that is legal. and you can buy it on amazon ebay and other sites

  • Gary C Malachowski

    Cannabidiol, ( CBD ) Due you know of anyone using this for back pain ???
    My wife”s got major back pain ( nerve ) regular drugs are becoming a major Problem..
    I’ve used the smoke for breathing problems when I was a kid. My step father was no fool..

    • Sanders

      The plant works wonders for back pain, i have no idea where to even get the oil, plus no horrible side effects like you get with the prescriptions unless you count the munchies. It’s illegal but it’s immoral to let people suffer with chronic pain.

    • nanuwins

      It works great for all sorts of aches and pains! Wish we would hop on the Colorado/Washington train and legalize already.. there is a lot of people to help as well as a lot of money to be made…

  • Gary C Malachowski

    Jonathon stone,have you started production yet.

  • Michelle Hollinger

    I have tried ordering CBD, since being diagnosed with MS last year, it’s been a very hurtful and difficult year. To think the ONE thing Scott Walker has actually done for the residents of Wisconsin to make CBD legal but HAVE to have a doctor’s prescription is a true slap in the face! My prayer is that CBD will be available in Wisconsin WITHOUT a doctor’s RX. No doctor’s have been willing to be federally certified to RX CBD…..SAD, SAD, SAD!!!!!

  • Cindy

    I had a stroke in August and now am basically being pumped full of chemicals to control my diseases which have nothing but make me sicker. I am glad kids can get it but what about the rest of us…I do not like my body full of chemicals with horrible side effects!!! Big Pharma paying Wisconsin Govt. off???

    • John Matsukes

      I have had 2 MAJOR strokes. I have a medical card and YES, it will help you post or pree stroke!

  • cantwaittomove

    Way to go Government Walker. You’re CBD oil legislation is a joke. You truly have no compassion or caring for your wisconsin citizens who have diseases or extreme pain which medical marijuana and CBD oils can help improve their quality of life. If you did care or have compassion you would approve medical marijuana and use of CBD oil for all those patients with legitimate medical issues who can benefit from their use. You have no one’s interests but your own and big companies and Koch brothers. No wonder people are moving out of this backwoods, non-compassionate, job loosing state. Wisconsin was a great state to be raise in until you became governor! Can’t wait to move next year!