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Detroit Dispensaries: An Endangered Phenomenon

Detroit Dispensaries

In 2008, Michigan became the 13th State to legalize medical marijuana. The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act specifically allows caretakers to provide up to 12 plants for up to five patients, plus another 12 plants for themselves. This equates to a possible 72 in total. While the law didn’t explicitly address the opening and running of […]

What Is A-Tocopherol?


We’re back again, once more looking at the composition of hemp oil. Last time out, we answered the question, “What is B-Sitosterol?” In this article, we are investigating yet another component of hemp seed oil: Alpha (A)-Tocopherol. A-Tocopherol is the strongest of the tocopherol elements. Naturally found in a number of foods (more on this […]

Progress? The 4 Pro-Pot Presidential Candidates

Donald Trump Marijuana

For Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump marijuana legalization is something they can actually agree upon. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson make up this gang of 4, unanimous in their agreement. A whopping 89% of Americans think medical marijuana should be legalized for adult use. And the advocates of medical marijuana are hopeful that […]

States That Have Medical Marijuana Laws

States That Have Medical Marijuana

Something interesting appears to be happening in the US. States that have medical marijuana laws have noticed decreases in painkiller prescriptions and opioid-related deaths. According to a recent report published in Health Affairs, doctors working in states where marijuana is legal prescribed an average of around 1,800 fewer doses of painkillers per year between 2010 […]

What Is B-Sitosterol?


Join us as we continue to investigate the composition of hemp oil. We have recently answered the question, “What is Linoleic Acid?” In this article, we are turning our attention to something else found in hemp seed oil: Beta(B)-Sitosterol. B-Sitosterol is one of several phytosterols (or plant sterols) that have a chemical structure similar to […]

What is Linoleic Acid?

What is Linoleic Acid

Making up a substantial part of the lipids (naturally occurring molecules) in the human body, fatty acids are an important source of energy. More than 60 fatty acids have been found in blood plasma and tissues. However, only a small fraction are relevant. A large body of evidence regarding fatty acids, total fat content, and […]

Meet the Bees Making Honey from Cannabis

Bees Making Honey From Cannabis

From drinking chocolate to bath bombs, there’s no shortage of innovative cannabis-infused products. Now, thanks to an industrious hive of bees, you can add honey to the list. These bees making honey from cannabis are under the watchful eye of 39-year-old beekeeper Nicolas Trainer, otherwise known as Nicolas Trainerbees. Based in France, Mr. Trainer is […]

GPR55: The Orphan Receptor


Everything you wanted to know about this novel cannabinoid receptor and were too perplexed to ask.   Cannabis has been enjoyed for its many perceived therapeutic benefits throughout the course of human history. There are many studies underway attempting to find a correlation between consumption of marijuana and analgesic effects, including alleviation of pain, insomnia, […]

Sisters of the Valley: Spiritual Growing

Sisters of the Valley

These Cannabis-Growing Nuns Are Ready to Heal the World In Northern California, there’s an order of nuns on a mission. However, these aren’t just any ordinary nuns. Self-appointed, non-denominational, entrepreneurial, and activists at heart, the Sisters of the Valley have set out to heal the world. Working from the garage of a modest three-bedroom house […]