Sisters of the Valley: Spiritual Growing

Sisters of the Valley

These Cannabis-Growing Nuns Are Ready to Heal the World In Northern California, there’s an order of nuns on a mission. However, these aren’t just any ordinary nuns. Self-appointed, non-denominational, entrepreneurial, and activists at heart, the Sisters of the Valley have set out to heal the world. Working from the garage of a modest three-bedroom house […]

Synthetic CBD: How Does it Compare?


A Short Mini-History As an article published in the British Journal of Pharmacology reads, the first CBD to be synthesized was on a historic day in 1940, in the laboratories of Roger Adams in the USA. Adams was an extraordinary chemist whose crown achievements span far wider than his credit for the first synthesized cannabinoids, […]

What Makes CBD Edibles so Awesome?

CBD Edibles

CBD Edibles are specially designed foods that contain hemp oil. Hemp oil is derived from the industrial hemp plant, which belongs to the cannabis family but is a different plant than marijuana. Industrial hemp has been used since ancient times to create cloth and edible oil. Recently, it was discovered that hemp seed oil is […]